Papa to Kiss in the Dark

OVA (2 eps)
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Mira Munakata is a typical high school freshman; he goes to school, hangs out with friends, and has sex with his father. Ok, maybe not so typical. With the affections (and advances) of everyone from childhood friends to senior classmates, Mira has a wide selection of prospects to choose from; but the only one he really wants is his loving (literally) father Kousuke. So, when Kousuke stays out late and is rumored to be married to his beautiful co worker, what’s a boy to do but cry?

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StoryPapa to Kiss in the Dark has such a scintillating story that I can sum it up in three sentences: Mira has sex with his dad. Mira also has sex with or fantasizes about pretty much every male out there, and all of them conveniently end up also being gay. Mira cries and cries. Yes folks, that’s literally all there is to it. I’d say I’ve seen my fair share of shounen-ai (boy/boy romance) titles. I make it a point to find things labeled "yaoi" (most of which actually aren’t), and to add them. That being said, there are two main types of shounen-ai: those that try as much as possible to shove it in your face that YES ZOMG TWO GUYS ARE HAVING SEX LOLL!!1!, and those that make it secondary to the actual plot. Papa to Kiss in the Dark definitely is in the excessive category, and then some. In addition, the OVA definitely is on the hentai side of the fence, as opposed to the subtle hint side of the fence as far as the shounen-ai/yaoi thing goes. So, though Papa to Kiss in the Dark technically is considered shounen-ai and NOT yaoi, it’s pretty damn explicit. And speaking of explicit, Mira got more blowjobs in 2 episodes than a group of 90 otaku get in a year. It baffles me why basically every male in sight wanted nothing more than a piece of FIFTEEN year old cock. And also, like Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, I failed to understand why everyone was even attracted to such a whiny little bitch. Mira cried more than a woman with post partum depression, all while wearing his pink apron and hot pants (I’m not kidding). Sorry guys, that’s all there is to the story. Mira has sex, cries, and then does it all over again. There’s a mild attempt at a plot when Mira’s past comes into play, but overall it’s a big fat snoozer. To wrap up the sheer craptastic and disturbing hentai-style story of Papa to Kiss in the Dark, I leave you with the following line that actually came from the OVA, while Mira is (surprise!) having sex with someone: "But my body doesn’t tremble like it does with Kyousuke, could it be because we aren’t related?" Wow. Just... wow.AnimationThough fairly generic, Papa to Kiss in the Dark’s animation was well done. Like in most shounen-ai titles, the characters all look incredibly bishounen (pretty boy) and remarkably the same. It’s almost like the creators were drunk and played a game of Mad Libs that day. Your character will have _____ and be Mira’s _____. "Ooo, I’ll choose "orange hair" and "childhood friend!" "I’ll go with "yellow hair" and "class mate"!". Backgrounds were definitely gorgeous. One scene that stood out was a shot of a tree with cherry blossom petals floating through the air. The occasional chibi graced the screen, and there was a good level of detail.SoundFairly standard fare, quite forgettable in every way. Voice acting was decent and definitely fit the bishounen yet macho characters, and Mira’s was definitely in whiny bitch mode, which fit him perfectly.CharactersI am convinced that the only reason the characters had any sort of background was to make it so Mira didn’t look like a complete slut who would let just anyone with a penis blow him. Besides having titles like "childhood friend", the characters were literally as flat as a piece of paper, having no notable personality traits or mannerisms. Mira himself, as mentioned previously, is a pink apron-wearing whiner. He reminded me a lot of the main character of the Gravitation OVA (the name escapes me right now); just as angst-filled and annoying. Kousuke was far too obsessed with planting his face in Mira’s crotch whenever possible. I’ll give one point for the mild character development of Mira and -9 points for everyone else.OverallPapa to Kiss in the Dark’s only redeeming value is the animation, hands down. In addition, if you are into angsty yaoi, you might appreciate this. Even so, there are much better shounen-ai titles out there such as Fake, so why waste your time on this garbage? No plot, shallow characters and more angst than a 90s grunger makes this OVA essentially useless. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time.


Story: It's a simple homoerotic story of a loving son and father who love each other very much in a homoerotic way. And some coincidental conflict to make sure the second episode has plot instead of blowjobs and you got the gist of it. The beginning is kinda crap but the second episode lacks punch, excitement and is dreadfully boring. Some subplots aren't brought out fully and are left in the dark (Pun intended) while the main plot reaches it's generic conclusion. I can't think of anything else for generic. Half the time I was "You don't say" or laughing my ass off at how shitty it is, how much of a bitch Mari is and how- no, that's about it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't really intentionally funny and sometimes I laughed one second and had it die down to go serious face in the next, it was that I had to keep sane as I watched this wreck. But I did laugh instead of drool like a lobotomized monkey, so that's something. Worth a two at least. Animation: That was a bitch pink. There's manly pink aprons out there but that bitch choose a bitch pink. But the bitch looks good, and so does everybody else since it's, you know, yaoi/shounen-ai. The guys have to look good. Sound: Fuck, that bitch Mira has the perfect bitch voice. Fucking perfect. Don't take that lightly, that voice, just suits him so perfectly that I want to slap his bitch face everytime he speaks. That deserves a 10, but the music was only decent and the rest of the VO I could give less than a yellow shit about. But dat voice. Characters: You think I'm fucking kidding at this point? Mara is the personification of a bitch. From his bitch voice to his bitch pink bitch apron, how everybody wants to blow his bitch balls to his bitch mannerisms and his bitch jealously- This guy represents bitches as a whole! Fucking 10 again just because of him. Which means it's a shame that everybody else, except for his dad (But maybe him too) is as boring as fuck. They got a character trait or 3 and BAM! it's a day. Done. They got no meat on their bones and you can't bring yourself to give a fuck about them. They are just there to want to blow Mina- Mira's underaged balls. Overall: The definition of a bitch can't save this shitfest. The scores are skewered to one or two defining factors apiece and are by no means a signal to watch this bitch fest. Only check it out if you're part of some assy club and on the agenda is shitty yaoi or you just like to watch shitty anime, but then I got a homoerotic clown to sell you.


Really sad when an animes truly standout quality is it's music and sounds. Now I debated wheter or not I should add this to the list of animes I've watched, but oh what the hell. Since I wasted time to watch this I might as well write a review also. This anime is wrong on so many levels, OK? You're going to accept this first of all no matter how you try to justify it. So you have this character that's raised by his "father" and I'm guessing the father bones him from a young age (here goes Japan with the pedophilia again). Not too long after we're sidetracked with some cute, but rather bland characters, the MC finds out that his "dad" isn't his biological father (shocking said absolutely no one). At this point I'd say he should be relieved and can go on to have a normal healthy relationship with this man, but I soon remember that this is a 15 year that took comfort in his 29 year old "dad" turning his cherry out . Later we find out that the "dad" isn't just some random creep that adopted some random kid to raise as a personal sex slave ( I was hoping it'd go along this line because why the hell not?!), but actually the kids uncle! Yay! You're still related to the guy who's fucking you cause family! So now you basically have a guy fucking his sisters kid/nephew! How delightful because we're all in this together! Part of me wants to believe that the mother has no idea that this has been going on, but then again they're a pretty fucked up family to begin with so it wouldn't be a surprise if she knew. The moral of this story is don't let your family raise your kids because incest! And underage sex! And anime logic! Will recommend this to the people I hate.

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