Almost Love

Ch: 70
2016 - 2018
3.852 out of 5 from 209 votes
Rank #13,790
Almost Love

Down on his luck voice actor Daewon finally lands a huge role, but the only problems is... it's homoerotica! Plus, he'll have to work with Hyunsoo who came out to him as bisexual. Having to move in with the brash guy makes matters worse, when he brings up a past heartbreak. To-do list: Get through the new job, sleep in the right bed, keep my clothes on, keep HIM away! 

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If you combine the personality of Hyesung from "love is an illusion", the closet homophobe aspect of Donghyun from "a guy like you", and raise the tsundereness to the max, you'll churn out an awful homophobic being named Daewon who's in gay denial.... well, for the first 20 chapters at least. I was close to dropping it due to how fucking sick I was of his annoying character, all he does is deny his budding gayness by spouting his anti-homo views to the world. Hyunsoo the guy who's crushing on him has godly tolerance for putting up with Won's bullshitting.  BUT, if you managed to read past the annoying gay denial stage the manhwa actually returns to being somewhat tolerable. Daewon will be done with his fits-throwing & GROW as a character. You'll also be rewarded with the side couple Gwangil & Kang who are a hundred times better than the main one, Kang's a kuudere and prolly the most likeable one out of all of em, IMO. It's just a pity that the better portrayed relationship didn't get enough of their own chapters.  Also THERE WILL BE love triangle, tho it's unlike any other stories with this trope.... Haejun's the victim you're looking for, he knows when to give up and respect his crush's wish, that said you also earned my respect good sir. Cheers XD.  Main story ended at 52 chapters the rest of the 18 chapters will just be side stories. My final thought is that I dun recommend this to anyone with either a short attention span or low tolerance for ranting closeted homophobes... Story became bearable with no huge conflicts after around 20 chapters but yeah that's it. It's just the characters living their humdrum lives and shit: getting acting gigs, paying rent, stuffs like that lol. Tho it's nice to see an accepting parent on her son's (Kang) relationship with another dude. Usually you see parents in BLs flipping their discriminating shits out but this one doesn't go down that path thankfully. 

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