Seasons of Blossom

Alt title: Cheongchun Blossom

Vol: 12; Ch: 130
2020 - 2023
4.426 out of 5 from 1,321 votes
Rank #38
Seasons of Blossom

Oh, to be young and in love. Oh, to be wild and carefree. The springtime of life is intense, tumultuous, and at times, oh so confusing. Spring, summer, fall and winter -- love blossoms in all seasons.

Source: Webtoon

Includes 2 extra chapters.

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Wonderful story and all main characters have great depth. Realistic and well-written relationship progression! Non-irritating and well-written drama! Plot that touches your heart, whether from cuteness or sadness. I could really feel the spring youth feelings from this (who am I kidding, I'm still a youth lol). But really, it makes you feel like you've experienced one of those dreamy moments - the blushing faces, the shyness, the hesitance, the friendships, the awkwardness of youth, and just all in all youth blossoming. To me, the relationships and their progressions are incredibly realistic, yet still makes your heart go badump. I loved loved loved the characters. They all had a lot of depth to them and they recognise their own short-comings.  The characters are as realistic as they can be, while still being so very lovable. Bomi is always kind and nice, sometimes to the point of being too soft (but she's absolutely not dumb or plain naive! It's almost like she doubts people might have such bad intentions or she wants to please everyone) Her best friend, Seonhui, may seem like the typical fake best friend at first, but she's absolutely not. She's the bestest friend - they're the bestest friends! And it's not the best friend kind where the webtoon makes them all misunderstood and totally naive. No, she is jealous, but it is made absolutely clear to us that Seonhui wouldn't stop being friends with Bomi just because of this.  Jaemin may seem like the popular twofaced boy, but he is absolutely not that. He really is a genuinely good person. He also has a lot of depth.  Jinyoung is my favourite person. He's not portrayed as a meek quiet kid or secretly badass quiet kid or something. Nah, he has no shame. He is openly blunt, but not unkind. He is the gamer kid, and he hangs out with his (what society deems to be) nerd friends. What's really unique is that the webtoon doesn't make him suddenly have a growth spurth or get handsomer over the summer or suddenly more attractive or whatever. It's really his personality that shines, and it's always shone right from the start.  And you know, the webtoon actually portrays people falling for each other because of their conversations (bickering at first haha) and personalities. It's believable, and they all have flaws while still being so likeable.  Yes, there are misunderstandings. But they don't drag on for long. The story's written in such a way that you're still a bit anxious for what happens next, but you're absolutely not irritated. I'd say the drama is written really well - yeah, there are conflicts, but they don't annoy you. Do the characters handle relationships a bit messily or let their emotions speak through their actions a bit? Yes, they do. But that's just a human thing. And the flaws are written in a way that they aren't annoying. Everything's resolved well! Also, I have to mention its humour. It's really funny to me, and has definitely made me laugh out loud.  And that's just the first season! The second season is also just as excellent. Please do be aware that the second season is a lot heavier and deals with very heavy themes. The author handled the themes well and made me cry. Great art, nothing to complain about here. Read it! 

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