Please Be A Traitor (Novel)

Vol: 6; Ch: 219
2018 - 2019
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Please Be A Traitor (Novel)

I am Inaila, the only daughter of the Duke. I was living peacefully. One day, I suddenly remembered my previous life. I was living inside a novel! My fiancé, Karpel, will become a traitor in the future and will die in the Deng River while the piece of land that I’m living on is set to be destroyed by a tribal invasion! I cannot lose the engagement which was hardly set, and I can’t let go of my lavish life. The engagement was forcefully set up even though Karpel said he hated me, but he’s only just 16 now, If I plan this well, won’t he grow up to be nice? “….I didn’t say that I dislike you.” “You look pretty today.” Boy, I thought you hated me?

Source: NU

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