Reforming the Obsessive Male Lead (Novel)

Alt title: Huhoe Gwanggongui Yeodongsaengi Doeeotda (Novel)

Vol: 5; Ch: 180
2020 - 2021
3.953 out of 5 from 55 votes
Rank #4,704
Reforming the Obsessive Male Lead (Novel)

I’ve transmigrated into the world of the BL webtoon where I left my one and only spiteful comment. On top of that, I become the adopted younger sister of my favorite character: the obsessive male lead who is later regretful for his actions, but still dies along with the duke in the end. So, I was determined. Since I have transmigrated into this world, I can’t stand by and watch my favorite character die. Additionally, I also don’t want to die. That’s why, author, I’ll need to change the tags and the ending of this webtoon slightly! “Brother, please smile like that in front of others as well.” I said to Lucian, who doesn’t smile even a little bit in front of others. “…” Was that request too out of the blue? Lucian looked at me with a peculiar expression. “If you do that, I will give you a gift.”...

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