There’s No Divorce For You (Novel)

Alt title: Dangsineul Wihan Ihoneun Eopseumnida (Novel)

Ch: 120
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There’s No Divorce For You (Novel)

I possessed a character from an R-19 novel that I can’t even remember the title of. How good it would be if it was a ‘healing story’. However, the person I possessed was Carla, the Countess with a cheating husband. “I swear to God, there’s no divorce.” I looked at the two men and women tangled and said with a laugh. Poor Carla, however in this novel, Carla was also a very mad woman. She was so mad at love that she abandoned her family and even herself. But somehow, she doesn’t feel like a stranger. “So, your dowry, I’ll take it all for you. Trust only this sister.” I decided to avenge the Count as much as Carla was hurt. I can’t get caught short if I want to take the Count’s fortune by taking advantage of his affair. But… “If a beautiful person like Carla looks like that…It is difficult to find composure.” A man keeps coming close to me.

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