Kowamote Koukousei to Jimiko-san

Vol: 3; Ch: 32
2018 - 2019
3.896 out of 5 from 119 votes
Rank #13,273
Kowamote Koukousei to Jimiko-san

Reuniting with the pretty boy who moved away 10 years ago... who came back with an ultra scary face?! Suddenly appearing before, Sachi (26 years old), the manager of a small flower shop, is a high schooler with ultra terrifying looks, telling her that he has come to meet her as promised as he draws closer...

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It's strange to see mangas that condone a relationship between a minor and someone in their late twenties but here we are. Starting to think that this is a trope in Japan and is considered more acceptable there compared to in other places of the world. I only pushed through with reading this because I like this type of trope - the delinquent looking ML who's a tsundere paired with the wholesome somewhat oblivious FL - but I couldn't go through with the rest of it.  The FL is a florist and is 27 years old. The ML is 17 and is currently in highschool. He fell in love with her when he was in grade school and she was in high school because she was kind to him when no one could offer the same courtesy. The ML then goes to America and comes back because of his so-called love for her. That's the gist of the plot. They do address the age difference in the manga but I really feel like this isn't something that could be a gray area. As the older, more discerning adult, the FL should've told the ML that she couldn't return his feelings and made sure that they wouldn't be able to interact. Rather, she gave him a job AT HER STORE, went out with him ON A DATE AS FRIENDS (??? tf does that even mean!!!), and continues to let him flirt with her despite knowing that hE'S UNDERAGED!!!!!!!!! That's very irresponsible and I almost spat out my drink, my stomach, and my respect for wherever this manga wanted to go. I can no longer proceed. I suggest you avoid this one as well. Reviewed at Chapter 9.

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