NAKAIMO: My little sister is among them!

Alt title: Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

TV (12 eps)
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NAKAIMO: My little sister is among them!

Shougo Mikadono’s deceased father left his son with a final request: attend his old high school to search for a suitable spouse, get married, and take his place as the rightful president of the prestigious Mikadono Corporation. Eagerly accepting the criteria, the teenager enrolls and quickly garners the attention of class rep beauty Konoe and one wealthy maiden after another due to his illustrious family legacy. What's more, Shougo then receives a very unexpected phone call from an unknown fellow student claiming to be his long lost sister - and she, too, wants to marry him! Can Shougo restrain his youthful desires while lustful beauties throw themselves at him in school, at home and even in his own bed long enough to determine who among them is his hidden little sister?

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Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouta ga Iru (Nakaimo) is a harem, ecchi anime mystery about a guy trying to find out which of a group of girls is his younger sister. The possibility that one could be his sister, is getting in the way of a goal, from his mother, that he must get a girlfriend to eventually marry. I prejudged this anime, due to my severe dislike for the genre. And I promised myself that I would give it more than 1 if it at least revealed who the sister was. Nakaimo has too many problems, an initially fragile story and having too many terrible trope features of the genre. I actually got bored and ended up having to drink in order to keep attention. Maybe not worth watching. Animation The animation quality is faultless, which is to be expected as normal for a 2012 anime. The style is very unoriginal and there is little use of interesting facial expressions. Though there was one bit where someone is about to throw up and the facial expression is cartoonistic and therefore a tad funny. This is an ecchi and it does go the step further. There are too many innuendos, such as zombies vomiting white slime over a girl in a swimsuit. Yeah... very tasteless. If sex actually happened, then this would have to be labelled as a hentai, however it would at least escape from one of the major pitfalls of the absymal ecchi-harem genre. Fairly disappointing in this aspect. Sound The music is probably the best bit of this anime, though not by much. It's not amazing enough to warrant a soundtrack download. There is good use of intrumental background music and the intro/outro tracks aren't too shabby either. However the music alone doesn't do much, despite the good piano/string sections whenever the anime made attempts to be serious. This anime is in Japanese, so subtitles are required. Characters The characters are the usual terrible harem-ecchi highschooler tropes. The main character Shougo Mikadono is the son of a rich businessman and heir to the Mikadono group, which he is to inherit once he has fulfilled his task of finding a girl to marry. He has a scar on his head, which points towards the fact that he had an accident when he was younger. This has resulted in him losing his memories and not remembering the fact that he has a sister or any childhood friends. He is unfortunately the typical cowardly indecisive harem protagonist. You'd think he'd let himself go wild if he found out a girl isn't his sister, which it seems to imply early on, but no. He is the typical gutless harem protagonist. At the very least he doesn't seem to be a pervert and he has no stash of porn nor are other guys jealous of the attention he gets from girls. At least this doesn't completely rely on the terrible tropes completely. Konoe Tsuruma is the big-breasted class representative and the first of the girls that Shougo meets. Shy is the typical shy character, though it seems she has more guts that Shougo himself since she, with some composure, throws herself at him romantically. Not much more to say. Miyago Kannagi is the typical tsundere character, though a bit sporty. She of course has a crush on Shougo but beats him up over the smallest detail, accusing him of being a pervert and such. Of course she does things like attempt to seduce him and such. Heck, I might as well say it now, pretty much every member of the harem attempts to seduce and bed Shougo. Rinka Kunitachi is a member of the student council and is the typical rich girl character trope. She is more of an important character than the student council president Mana Tendou who is the excited, yet not very smart girl, but she manages to keep her composure. I should say now, that no girl is that energetic or all over the place. Mei Sagara is Shougo's senior who owns a cafe themed around younger sisters. Shougo ends up working at the cafe and somehow saving the business. Probably the most interesting character is Ikusu Mizutani, who is always disguised as a guy and gets away with fooling everyone but Shougo, who walks in on her while she is in the shower.  She is frequently naked as every time she visits Shougo she takes a shower and hangs about nude making excuses for doing so. She is an agent from a company who is helping him find out who his real sister is. The one thing that really doens't make sense is how she appears completely flat chested when cross-dressing as a guy. Of course some of the girls get excited when they misinterpret things happening between them as gay love. And the girls are especially all ver Ikusu. It boggles my mind how terrible an anime can be that a person who clearly has the face of a girl manages to successfully herself as a girl. The other characters aren't important bar one, who, I'll be honest, is adorable. There is some massive bullshit with their homeroom teacher who somehow happens to be a child? Or looks like one at least. Risa Seri is also Shougo's secretary sort of figure, who handles the business aspect of things. Story The story... I said I'd give this whole thing a 1 if it didn't reveal the true sister, but I lied. I must keep my review as unopinionated as possible and so far, it might appear that I'm doing a terrible job. It gets better in the second half, much better. At the start Shougo's father passes away. On that day he hears a voice claiming to be his younger sister, born of an illegitimate relationship by his father, who claims to want to marry him. Shougo's mother now sets him a task of finding a girlfriend to eventually marry, so that he can inherit the family company: the Mikadono Group. Of course, it soon arises that his sister is possibly going to his school and could possibly be one of the girls he knows. Key word: possible. The way they set it up is so flimsy, there isn't any evidence that he even has a sister, except for someone unseen telling him during his father's funeral. But despite all the bullshit and close calls they somehow do this plot much better than something like please twins. This actually has a mystery story, with twists and turns and as for the conclusion... you'll have to find out. The last few episodes have a big of a political, coup d'tate subplot, which is fairly intersting. I'm just pleasantly surprised that they do a story. On big factor is the question: why don't they do a DNA test? Thing is (spoilers) they actually consider that fact in this anime, even if the way they deal with it is a tad bullshit. Also, may I mention that this anime is a tad homophobic. When a couple of character develop the misunderstanding that Shougo may be gay, involving Ikusu of course, their reaction is particularly homophobic. What is it with Japan, thinking incest is better than homosexuality? Incest is clearly immoral and wrong, while there is nothing wrong with being gay. It's probably just this anime, since there are tolerated homosexual characters in other anime. Conclusion Overall a tad better than the typical harem ecchi, if only for the aspect of solving the mystery and the better-than-nothing story. I still had to drink through the second half since I got dead bored during the first half and really wanted a cider or two. I still think this was a waste of time for someone like me who hates this genre, but for the tasteless fools who do, this is one of the better ones. I won't judge you too much for liking this one. Maybe the alcohol made me write a bad review, but what the heck, it's better than slamming this, powered by my opinionated hatred. Family-friendliness Rating: 5/5 Nudity. Children are nude in this, with no justification. This might as well be child porn (lower is better) Overall Rating: 3/10 (higher is better)


I liked this show. Though this show does have alot of plotholes, and leaves room for great plot additions such as corporate politics and family history and background, this show played out for me like an easy read, or in the oxymoronic way of a mysterious iyashikei.  Show is definitely close to a Bordeline H, as there's nudity in I think most, if not all episodes. However it's not always meant to be in a sexual manner. The humor is crude but, if thats your cup of tea the show ain't half bad. Incidental music in this show was really nice, and fit the various moods and settings well. If this show had more episodes, or longer episodes similar to Korean Drama, alot more depth could've been added to the story, making this hold the potential of a solid mystery harem anime.  All-in-all, it's a romance anime. Male MC is trying to figure out which one out of the girls he meets in his high school life is his sister, so he can find a clean relationship without ruining his own reputation, or more importantly the reputation of the company he's an heir too.  This is a really brief review, simply cause (I'm lazy and don't want to detail the entire show) I figure if you wanna watch it, leave it up to your interpretation.  If you're looking for a show with a deep plot paired with romance, don't watch this. But if you can handle a easy watch with alot of plotholes that are used to draw up coincidences or hastily connect characters, give this a watch. I find it sort of similar to The Quintessential Quintuplets in its harem sense, but otherwise it's a pretty decent show.  I think it's a pretty wholesome show, despite that aspect of the show only appeared for me at the end of episode 13, so in that sense its slow burning. 


Does this anime have a lot of plot holes?- yes Do the characters act weird/stupid or fall in love with the main character for no reason: Sure, isn't this what the entire anime is about? Are there any cringey scenes?: absofuckinlutely Are there any plot twists: The show itself is a plot twist Did I enjoy this?: Idk why or how, but I actually really liked this Plot Respecting his father's wishes, Shogo Mikadono was transferred from his mother to the Miryuuin Academy, frequented by many girls, with the aim of being the one who will become his wife. However it seems that his illegitimate younger sister, separated from him at birth, attends this academy and that she is trying to get close to him without letting him know her real identity. So Shogo tries to figure out who this mysterious little sister is, but at the same time she becomes popular with other girls as well, especially among five girls with whom she will bond in particular: Konoe Tsuruma, Miyabi Kannagi, Rinka Kunitachi, Mana Tendō and Mei Sagara. Does this story make any sense?- no, clearly not, but it still is interesting. So, if you're able to ignore all the plot holes and illogical reasoning behind the show, you'll most probably really like this. There are some extremely funny scenes. The anime's comedy was most probably the only thing which made me keep watching it. There are also a lot of cringey scenes in the series, so if you can't deal with crigey stuff you better look for something else Animation/ sound Both were fine. I liked the colors and the animation style, also the opening was ok. Not much to say about it. characters Not gonna lie, most characters were quite dumb. Most girls didn't know how to deal with boys, so they constantly tried to make the Shogo feel horny. The main character isn't that much better either. He's kind, but not that clever either, still better than the rest of his harem.  Overall Enjoyable show for ecchi/ comedy lovers. It's defineltly not a must watch, but if you're bored and just looking for a simple comedy show then you should check it out!

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