Hibi Chouchou

Vol: 12; Ch: 75
2012 - 2015
4.238 out of 5 from 2,042 votes
Rank #4,596
Hibi Chouchou

Upon entering high school, the very quiet but extremely cute Suiren becomes the immediate center of attention among the boys, but one particular boy does not look her way. The story of a quiet girl and a quiet boy.

Source: MU

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This was an adorable story with little substance, and moved rather slowly, and yet I found it refreshing and charming in its own way. The innocent and pure nature of the main couple's slowly-progressing relationship touched me. The art was very cute and pleasant to look at, and I especially love the way the artist draws Suiren's eyes and hair (so cute!!). However, I think I might have given up if I hadn't realized about a third of the way through that the only way to logically explain the behavior of these two main leads is that they are actually not neurotypical. No mention is made of it in the story, but when you consider how they act and speak, everything makes perfect sense. My headcanon is that Suiren has a speech impediment which she is extremely self-conscious about (which is why she doesn't talk much), and Taichi has Asperger's or some form of high-functioning autism. Boom. Every conflict, all the awkward silences and stilted interactions, it all makes sense and is explained by this simple "fact." And if you take this into consideration, it gives an extra layer of meaning and dimension to their relationship. It's a story about two young people who are very quiet/withdrawn and don't have well-developed social skills but who still find love in their own way, because they have a mutual understanding. They're on the same wavelength and can accept each other as they are, quirks and all. This headcanon saved the story for me and enabled me to enjoy it more than I otherwise would have. Without it, they are very bland and boring main characters who seem more like cutouts glued onto a popsicle stick than real people. That is my main criticism.  Overall, I give it a 7/10 because it was very cute and enjoyable, but not the most challenging/thought-provoking story (unless you are like me and overanalyze everything until you get some oddball headcanon, lol). If you like cute slow-burn innocent romances and/or shoujo slice-of-life manga, I will whole-heartedly recommend it. And my opinion is that your experience with this story will be improved if you keep my headcanon in mind. ;)


Story: 4This manga is about a girl who is VERY pretty and usually gets a lot of unwanted attention from boys because of her looks. Because of that, she grew to be a shy and quiet person. In high school, she meets this quiet boy who doesn't make a big deal out of her looks, and she develops an interest in him. To be honest, this story is a meh. It is so god dang slow and there isn't much juicy parts except a few blushes and that's that. You have to read A LOT chapters until the romance actually starts. By then, I would have already dropped it. If you don't like slow paced shoujo mangas, then this one is not for you. Art: 8The art is really good. And that's the only good thing about it. (Sorry to break it to you) Character: 3Usually, when I read manga or watch anime, the characters are the 2nd most important part. The characters here were pretty boring. The female MC's only major thing about her is that she's shy. I would've like it WAY better if she'd actually grow out of her shyness and have some character development. But I know that these kind of things are very hard to overcome, especially for some people, so I get that. But she was just plain boring. You can't have a good story without dialogue. She just sits there and acts pretty. The male MC, he was boring as well. I don't understand why he is considered "shy", cause for one thing for sure, he talks way more than your average shy person. Overall: 4This was just bad. It's just a manga that I would ditch anytime.

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