Last Game

Vol: 11; Ch: 56
2011 - 2016
4.206 out of 5 from 3,524 votes
Rank #869
Last Game

In elementary school, the rich and spoiled Yanagi Naoto was known for excelling in both studies and sports. But then he suffered the first setback of his life when Kujou Mikoto, a girl from a poor family, transferred to his school and performed better than Naoto at every turn. Reeling from this unforgivable blow to his pride, Naoto decided that he had to make Mikoto lose at something…by making her lose her heart to him, which he could then break! Now that they’re both in college, will Naoto finally be able to win Mikoto’s affections–or will he lose this final game with her?

Source: Seven Seas

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TL;DR – Typical. “Last Game” is a title which makes you expect an exciting, thrilling adventure where both characters constantly challenge themselves and each other. The description hints at something riveting, and even the subtitle “A twisted, pure love story” eggs on raw, cataclysmic emotions and their outcomes. But what you get instead is a typical, dripping, sickly-sweet, merry-go-round tsundere story dripping in middle-school-girl-fantasy-appeasement. It’s just disappointingly typical. *** HUGE SPOILERS FOLLOW *** Story – 4/10 There was supposed to be a game here! Some kind of challenge between the characters! But the first 3 chapters skip 10 years of time straight to University, and at that point, it’s already obvious that they both have feelings for each other. The only mention about some “game” is the main guy Yanagi grandiosely declaring it in Chapter 3. After that… sickly-sweet, dripping romance slathered in tsundere characters and insignificant “antagonists” that don’t make any kind of difference. There’s no challenge here: there’s absolutely no fear or worry about the main characters losing each other – they’re both so into each other that nobody else stands any chance whatsoever. After the 3rd chapter and grandiose declaration of war, it pretty much entirely disregards any facet of challenge or game and simply follows the smitten characters' thoughts. In the entire 24 chapters I’ve read currently, all of their problems and troubles arise from the two of them not being able to communicate their feelings properly. That in itself is a fine story concept, but it’s not what the title, description, and subtitle claim the story to be. Nothing definitive has happened in 24 chapters – just misunderstandings and lots of whiny, introspective main characters second-guessing their love interests when all they need to do is fucking ask. Artwork – 8/10 Not a 10/10, because there are way too many stars and sparkles in every scene. Yeah, these characters are feeling warm and fuzzy and lovey-dovey and shit. We get it. But artwork is pretty, otherwise. Good balance of black to white – I never feel like the images are overly busy or too empty. Characters – 5/10 The characters just lack so much depth. The main guy, Yanagi, is your typical shoujo manga dream-guy trope: ridiculously handsome, intelligent, athletic, and filthy rich *rolls eyes*. The main girl, Kujou, is also your typical shoujo manga mystery-girl trope: independent, a loner, also intelligent and athletic, but not overly attractive (unless magically given the right clothes and makeup?) and also poor (uh, where have I heard this before?). It’s fine to reuse concepts, but the issue is that there’s nothing different being done with them. It’s like I’m rereading every shoujo manga ever. The secondary and side characters, in particular, the “antagonists,” are insignificant and not even worth mentioning. There is absolutely no challenge or strife to the main characters, and about the only character development that exists is the two main characters learning how to properly express their feelings for each other. In particular, I’m not at all a fan of how, throughout the story, it is repeatedly mentioned that the main girl Kujou isn’t really all that attractive, and yet every opportunity to indirectly “show off” her appearance is taken. It’s also irritating that every other guy is attracted to the main girl, and every other girl is attracted to the main guy. Baaah Overall – 5.2/10 Just meh. I’m really, really disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – some moments in particular are very cute and very sweet. But it’s nothing but sweet. There’s no bitter. There’s no salty. No sour, hot, or cold. No challenge or game. Just typical.


If you’re interested in this manga and want to read other people’s review about this, you should read this so I can help. I’m sorry if I wrote a whole damn essay but I believe if you read this it can help you(^ν^) When I see the title, I was excited to read it especially when I read the first chapter. I was expecting more from this manga since maybe because of the title. It’s just that it’s really too bothersome that it takes way toooooo long for the both mc’s and it’s irritating you know. You don’t know when will they start dating together. I know that in real life it’s like that but nowadays, we can’t see people who is  “unaware” about love. Even in today’s generation we can see that even if the boy is still courting the girl, they’re still act like a couple but in this manga, it’s bothersome to see them doesn’t develop when they already like each other but still deny it. You know that feeling that you want to go inside the manga just to tell them coz it’s stressing you that much. I just hope in this manga that they should’ve dated like in the middle chapters. There are also some part of the story that jumps to another part like when they get married, we didn’t even saw more of them getting lovey dovey. But anyways, it’s nice if you’re starting into reading a manga so your expectations wouldn’t be ruined since I have read a lot of mangas that I really like and exceeded my expectations. But anyways, this is just my perspective based on what I feel reading this. We don’t share the same thought about it so maybe your thoughts on this manga is different from me. 

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