We Were There

Alt title: Bokura ga Ita

Vol: 16; Ch: 70
2002 - 2012
4.064 out of 5 from 1,075 votes
Rank #2,922
We Were There

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

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ajoyinthisworld's avatar
ajoyinthisworld Jun 10, 2015
Score 9/10

This manga was like a singer who doesn't exactly have an amazing voice, but draws people in with his/her heart and soul. I was really infatuated with Bokura ga Ita's story. It's hard to describe exactly why. This manga is normally the kind of manga I wouldn't go for. I intially watched the first two episodes of the anime before reading the manga and noticed how the anime's art style appears so manga-like - it... read more

deideiblueeyez's avatar
deideiblueeyez Jun 11, 2013
Score 7/10

This will be a short review, not extensive like others of mine (if they can even be called extensive)... Bokura ga Ita drew me in with its minimalistic-art charm and its easy approach to a school life love story. I hate school life love stories and avoid them like the plague despite myself ending up reading a handful of them, but I like Bokura ga Ita for some reason.  ART: The art is... read more

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