Ch: 102
2015 - 2017
4.361 out of 5 from 117 votes
Rank #776

This enormous community. Some like to hang out together, some like to gossip about others. Although it's a community, inside there are still evilness. For everyone to be united, they must find a mutual enemy. Xu Shang is that "mutual enemy" to the whole class...

Source: MU

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ksensei Aug 19, 2018
Score 8/10

Whaaaat? This manhua doesn't have a review yet??! My review is for chapters 1 to 96 and will be very enthousiastic! I loved Circle. Who said high school romance was dead? :)
4* for that manhua which just like 19 days gives us a complete breathe of fresh air in terms of shounen ai in high school (let's face it, we all are a tiny bit tired of high school romance, their lack of orginally and multiple... read more

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