19 Days

Alt title: 19 Tian

Ch: 429+
2014 - ?
4.437 out of 5 from 5,191 votes
Rank #26
19 Days

The cute and funny adventures of a boy and his best friend.

Source: MU

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im by no means a professional reviewer but I would like to share why I think this web-comic or whatever it is, is so fantastic. firstly, the art. The creator draws this BL as if it were an action-comedy. Over the top gore, crazy escapades, serious expressions etc etc... this contrast just seems to fit so well along with the dull masculine colours and the cutesy 'shipping moments' and bromance. next, the characters. They look hard as nails but get developed consistently throughout the story and aren't as 2d as they seem.... wha wah wah.... don't have much to say on them without spoiling, got some nice tsundere shit going on tho lastly, the story. At the beginning, there are just pictures. No meaning, perhaps a little insight to their lives, then, The story at first progresses like a.. daily comic of sorts. No particular direction, just an event during the day (they literally start with 'one day...' at the top of the panel). Sometimes they may be simple, sometimes meaningful, sometimes they develop the plot or sometimes (almost always) we get a character development or a relationship development. gradually, a story begins to form. Characters get meaning. Events start to be put into place. I really enjoyed this and I believe the author mentioned that it actually started as just art that they drew and they never expected a story to take shape like that overall this is pretty good if you want something serious and actions but with comedy and bromance-turning into romance hehe. Also don't trust my ratings I honestly don't know what to put if you want something similar '18 unlimited' is the way to go, can't stress this enough! they are so similar but so far it's more of a bromance, however the style of writing in the daily life sorta way and the comedy is all there 👍👍👌👌

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