Kachou no Koi

OVA (1 ep x 31 min)
2.344 out of 5 from 879 votes
Rank #8,029
Kachou no Koi

Office manager Kazuhiko Oudakara has spent all 33 years of his life without a girlfriend. An encounter with a new employee named Harada makes Ōdakara realize that he is gay.

Source: ANN

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Starletka's avatar
Starletka Jul 23, 2014
Score 10/10

Horrible animation. Non existent story. Stereotypical characters. So why the hell would someone rate it 10/10, you ask?  Because I can't remember any other occasion where I had to pause something so often, for I was laughing so hard. My cheeks hurt when I even think about it. It is seriously one of the best parodies ever. Of course you have to be familiar with the yaoi genre to fully understand... read more

Larkawolfgirl's avatar
Larkawolfgirl Apr 16, 2011
Score 5/10

This was a bad attempt at a good show that is still good because it is so bad. It is so bad that it is funny. This has one of the worst animation I have seen on anime. At first I thought it was entirely pictures until they finally started to move their mouths. There is not much of a story. The sound is okay but the highlight is when hallelujah. I hope that this anime was meant to be... read more

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