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At the Kokumondo book store, Suzuri will do whatever it takes to find the most rare and historic artifacts for his customers – in fact, the man has just procured a tale of a terrifying spider monster who ate the men of a village one by one. But when Suzuri's assistant Mizuki opened the book, little did the two know that the monster herself would be unsealed from the pages, nor that she'd be an adorable little girl!

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This anime introduces viewers to the jorogumo, or the Japanese spider woman. This particular arachnid isn't slinging webs and fighting crime in Tokyo, though. The kanji for the jorogumo can be written two ways, binding bride or, my personal favorite, whore spider. And this lovely monster follows the Japanese trend of not trusting pretty women.  Story: I actually kept checking to see how far along I was in this 25 minute short because the middle part sort of drags on. Aside from the intermittent storyline set in ancient Japan,  the story is basically "what are we going to do with a pint-sized monster girl". The real saving grace of this anime is the ending, which shocked me. While I didn't particularly like the ending, I felt it actually made the anime worth watching. Animation: Production I.G. is able to produce a consistent level of animation, in my opinion. While not taking the animation to the "is this real life?" levels of CoMix, the studio doesn't get sloppy like Toei does. There were moments of lovely animation in this short, like the spider girl's spider limbs. Sound: Not really much to say here. I took points just because the monster girl's "kee" got annoying towards the end. It's constant. Characters: when you only have 3 characters, you need to make me like them, or at least care enough to hate them. These characters just sort of... Existed. That being said, the spider girl carried this short on her prosoma. I liked her, if only because her design is adorable for a creature that I can't even stand to be in the same room with. -shudder- spiders.  Overall: Spider girl, spider girl, why don't you give this short a whirl? Look out, here comes spider girl!


*Note that my review has a minor spoiler(the same one that can be read in the synopsis) An anime short by the young animator project that quite suprised me, personally I really enjoyed watching this show, I am quite a fan of horror-genre shows and espcially the ones that keep you wondering what might happen to the story. This show was watched with the Daily Anime Marathon Club Story - Score: 6.5 The story presents us with three characters, Mizuki a high school girl, Suzuri a book keeper who recieves a book who is said to contain a monster! The book opens and to the suprise of both we are presented with our third character who unfortunatly does not have a name and is named as the being that she is: Spider. Events that happen next as the two want to learn more about the spider are a bit rushed, this is mostly by the fact that the episode unfortunatly is only 25 minutes so they do have to rush on a bit. The story does keep you wondering what might happen.Animation - Score: 8 A solid score for animation, even though this show is part of the youn animator project, the studio behind it is Production I.G. who can really animate well and the show looks good for just an episode of 25 minutes, the colors in the show have a bit of a dark tone, but still are colorful enough they look just right for a horror show and a bit of slice-of-life character design give it enough adorablenessThe backgrounds and the characters itself don't stand out all that much because they don't look different from designs that we are used to by I.G, the design for the Spider is adorable yet creepy. Sound - Score:  8 Sounds in a horror show can really make or break the show, and with this anime it is just right. The Voice Actors have done a good job and make the characters sound friendly and likeable. Yet the sound effects and background sounds give the show an eerie element and give it a good balance between the adorable and horror that this episode has, unknown to what might happen on their discovery, the sounds also have a good amount of variation. Characters- Score: 5 The characters are not one of the strong points in this anime, this is mostly due to the fact that it only is 25 minutes, because of this there is almost no room for character development. The character Suzuri seems very kind hearted, and our character Mizuki represents the wary side, since she is not sure whether or not to trust this Spider. The interactions between the three are good they give laughs but also some tension. Enjoyment/Final thoughts - Score: 8 The mix of good animation, good sound, likable characters and an interesting story for one episode made me enjoy this show a lot. I liked the creepyness this show had and I am amazed at what the studio could do with just one episode. Because of my high enjoyment and the great horror aspect I award this show with a 7/10 and if you have some spare time I definitely reccomend watching this show if you like the horror genre


Warning this Review may Contain Spoilers- Lets just say it was weird 0-0 Yet pretty enjoyable, here we have an anime mirai short movie as some may say. Following this story about Suzuri and his assistant who find themselves in a muddle involving this girl...spider (very creative) but that kind of makes sense as she is a...spider :/ STORY So I must say I found the beginning interesting however the part in the middle did bore me quite a bit, I just felt a bit bored as I was trying to get through what was supposed to be a climax then suddenly we have the ending. (Which just messed with my mind) The ending I didn't like, it felt too sudden and there was not enough development for it to end in the way it did but overall the story was good. ANIMATION The animation was beautifully done and that part I couldn't find too many flaws in the overall view of the movie however there were a few things I would of seen a bit more of and maybe having the characters look a bit more interesting as to me they looked a bit plain :/ SOUND So the sound, the voiceacting fitted for all characters to me personally and the ending was cute, so no complaints here. (I did find Mizuki's voice getting a bit annoying but I guess that was the point XD) CHARACTERS I'll keep it short and to the main characters, I honestly wasn't too fond of these characters, yeah they were good in what happened in the end but something felt off. Suzuri just confused me, like what is going on with him half the time. Spider I found quite cute yet dark which is what they were trying to portray as far as I know and Mizuki was just another character, there was close to no character development but it was only a 30 minute or so anime. That ends my review of Wasurenagumo, The ending annoyed me but it was quite nice to watch so I would recommend XD AngelBeatsYui PS: This is for the Daily Anime Marathon Club March 2016

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