Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!!

OVA (2 eps x 16 min)
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Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!!

The manga's story revolves around twin brother and sister Mitsuru and Megumu Kobayashi who switch places and attend the other sibling's school. Things get strange when Megumu realizes that the school that her popular brother Mitsuru had been going to was in fact a school for delinquents. When attacked by a group of bullies, she meets a mysterious boy with an eye patch.

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Overall I would give this anime a low score because of how they executed the story.  Because I already read the first 3 books of the manga, I understand exactly what's happening in the anime, but I can understand why someone who hasn't read the manga wouldn't get what's happening.  Also, I recommend everyone who is interested in this story to first read at least 3 books of the manga before watching the anime or you will be confused. THE REST OF THE REVIEW IS A SPOILER OF THE NECESSARY BACKGROUND INFORMATION THAT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE ANIME BUT IS IN THE MANGA. IT WOULD HELP ANIME WATCHERS UNDERSTAND THE STORY.  So the anime is about a girl dressed as a guy and a guy with an eyepatch who are lovey-dovey but has some difficulties being together because of a few reasons that I am going to talk about in the next few lines. Megumu (nickname: Mego) and Mitsuru are twins. Megumu is a girl attending an all-girls school while Mitsuru, a boy, is attending an all-boys school.  Mitsuru hates history and has failed his tests. To avoid extra classes, he pleads with his sister to switch places with him for a week because Mego is a history game otaku, hence, she loves history. Mego, however, refuses him. The next day, Mego found out that Mitsuru took her school uniform and was already gone. He left a wig and his uniform behind for her so Mego has no choice but to go to her brother's school. (They were dressed as each other) In his sister's school, Mitsuru meets his sister's friends; both of them are also otakus. Mitsuru also meets the "queen" of the school, Azusa; a female model who seems like an angel (she was the one stuck in a hole in the anime). However, Mitsuru found her bullying another student; Shino who turns out to not only be cute but also deaf.  Mitsuru saves her and fell in love with her- making up his mind to learn sign language to communicate with her. He saved her and basically scolded Azusa for bullying girls, thus Mitsuru became her next target. (So far everyone thinks he's Mego) Mego, on the other hand, got into a dual in her brother's school. When she arrived at school as her brother, a guy she didn't know came up to her angry, saying that he couldn't believe she was trying to steal his girlfriend from him yesterday. Mego was really confused and scared so she started to run away. The guy chases her. Mego ended up on the rooftop and saw a guy lying there sleeping on the ground. She didn't really have a choice so she went to the guy and tried to hide next to him. It turns out that his name was Aoi and he was awake and had an eyepatch on. She recognized him as the boy who saved her from tripping last night when she came back from school. She gave him her jacket, thinking that he would catch a cold sleeping on the rooftop, and the guy who was chasing her spotted her, which made her run away. Eventually, she was caught and the guy challenged her to a dual. She was even more confused, but the guy explained to her (he thinks that she hit her head and lost her memories or something) that she was the 7th strongest and he was the 3rd strongest in the school and that if she beat him, she would be 3rd strongest. She ended up winning by luck and Aoi (boy with an eyepatch that was on the rooftop) congratulated her and was there to return her jacket (cause he said he didn't need it but she had ranaway before he gave it back), but she was not paying attention to him and was worried that the guy that she won against was hurt and needs to go to the nurse.  It turns out that Aoi was the number 1 strongest at the school. (So far everyone thinks Mego is Mitsuru) That was basically how their first-day switching places went, but there were other details later on: Azusa (the "angel" that was bulling the deaf girl, Shino) ended up falling in love with Mitsuru after they accidentally met when he was a boy. She felt jealous of Shino for hanging out with Mitsuru (as Mego), but she didn't know why because she knew she didn't like girls and that she already liked a guy. She still wanted to make her enemy (Mitsuru as Mego) suffer because Mitsuru saved Shino and "looked down" at her on the first day so she tried to dig a hole for him to get back at him, but she ended up falling into the very hole she dug. (Azusa in a hole is how the anime starts Mitsuru's story) The main story/couple is Mego and Aoi: Mego (as Mitsuru) found out that Aoi has a health condition: if a girl touches him, he gets pale, his chest would hurt, and he would have trouble breathing. Because of this, and because Mego loves him and wants to stay by him, she decided she would never ever tell him the truth- that she is actually a girl.  As they spend more time together during lunch, Aoi keeps thinking that Mego acts like a girl and kind of looks like one. Eventually, whether he realizes it or not, Aoi ended up liking her and asked if she wanted to watch a movie with him after school. (He still thinks Mego's Mitsuru) At the theatre, Mego ended up getting into a fight because she thought they were thinking about hurting Aoi. Aoi came late and beat everyone up then went to Mego who was on the floor with a noticeable scratch/bruise on the left side of her lip- probably from a punch. He kissed her without thinking and then kissed her again. They ended up going to Aoi's place, skipping the movie. (Their kiss in the theatre is the scene that the anime starts with) Extra: Fun Facts Shino (deaf girl) and Aoi are siblings from different mothers, but they do not live together for family reasons.  Shino is the only girl that can touch Aoi without him having his seizure. Aoi, Shino, Mitsuru, and Mego all know sign language. (Mego learned from helping Mitsuru practice from a book so that he can talk with Shino, the person he likes.) Shino thinks of Mitsuru (as Mego) as her first and very best friend which makes it hard for Mitsuru to tell her the truth: that he is not Mego and that he is a boy this whole time. Mego aced Mitsuru's history test. Mego and Mitsuru stopped cross-dressing as promised after a week. If you read this far, impressive. I would recommend reading the manga before watching the anime or dropping the anime altogether because the manga is so much cuter and way less cringy. I really enjoyed the manga so if you have any interest in reading this type of story with two romances, you should. It's so cute it hurts.

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