Samurai High School

Vol: 5; Ch: 25
2009 - 2011
3.956 out of 5 from 355 votes
Rank #4,238
Samurai High School

Twins Kou and Tsukiko Sakikido have identity issues. Kou, the boy, would rather be a homemaker than a fighter, and Tsukiko, the girl, is anything but feminine and wishes to become the first female Supreme Commander. Thus, when the first ever samurai high school is founded and is open to all classes of people – even the money-challenged Sakikido family – the twins quickly enroll. There's just one catch – they must impersonate each other to achieve their ultimate dreams! Now, with plenty of random (and dangerous) tests, unrequited love from fellow students and meddlers who would expose their secret, Kou and Tsukiko must get through high school without the authorities discovering their ruse, lest their family be banished to the moon!

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sacurkat000 Aug 11, 2011
Score 8.9/10

I really like this anime because of it's unique story and setting. The manga's art in excellent. There's character development and it's an interesting gender bender. It's perverted here and there but most should be okay with it. It's one of a kind and I recommend reading it. read more



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