Chi's New Address

Alt title: Chi's Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi

TV (104 eps x 3 min)
4.151 out of 5 from 1,549 votes
Rank #836

Chi is living happily with Youhei while his parents continue to try and keep her presence a secret from the landlady. So when a relative in Hokkaido offers to take her in, Youhei's parents decide that it would be best for Chi if she moved away. Now with just a month left with the young kitten, they are finding it difficult to say goodbye. Then, when they receive a phone call saying that Chi will be moving away sooner than expected, Youhei and his parents realize that they can't give her up. Deciding once and for all that Chi is part of their family Youhei's parents promptly find a new place to live - one that allows pets. As the family prepares to move into their new apartment, will Chi be able to adapt to her new surroundings?

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Chi, on the Prowl. image

Episode 1

Chi, on the Prowl.

Chi, Taken Away. image

Episode 2

Chi, Taken Away.

Chi, Runs Away. image

Episode 3

Chi, Runs Away.

Chi, A New Decision. image

Episode 4

Chi, A New Decision.

Chi, Getting Ready. image

Episode 5

Chi, Getting Ready.

Chi, Imagines Things. image

Episode 6

Chi, Imagines Things.

Chi, is Remembered. image

Episode 7

Chi, is Remembered.

Chi, Moves. image

Episode 8

Chi, Moves.

Chi, Smells Things. image

Episode 9

Chi, Smells Things.

Chi, Goes Exploring. image

Episode 10

Chi, Goes Exploring.

Chi, Goes Climbing. image

Episode 11

Chi, Goes Climbing.

Chi, Frets. image

Episode 12

Chi, Frets.

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Kari5's avatar
Kari5 Oct 5, 2009
Score 7.5/10

Chi's New Address is what I would turn too if I was feeling sad. You can not watch this anime and not get a smile on your face. It's incredibly adorable. Chi, who is the young and curious kitten protagonist, sounds and looks so cute. As a big cat-lover I couldn't pass this show up. Story: Each episode is less than 5 minutes, which fits the light hearted and simpleness of the show. It's a slow but... read more

yugure's avatar
yugure Jan 14, 2011
Score 9/10

Chi is just the cutest animé character ever! After seeing chi's sweet home, I got curious about Chi's New Address (Chi's Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi). I've watched all 104 episodes in 2.5 days and loved it. The family finally a keep Chi in their new appartment. I laughed when Chi ran back to their old house and the new owner came in. And I loved it every time Tama came to get Chi out of trouble. Fuji... read more

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