TV (100 eps x 2 min)
2009 - 2011
Summer 2009
3.109 out of 5 from 173 votes
Rank #4,739

A lady lives a quiet life with her two loves: alcohol, and her many cats. She’s had many of the latter over the years including an oft-grumpy Scottish Fold mix and Poko, an orange ball of energy who was abandoned as a kitten and saved to live another day. Whether the kitties are playing with cotton gloves, getting to know each other or causing mischief, they and the lady live happily together.

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Mirlica's avatar
Mirlica Mar 23, 2014
Score 10/10

You really have to like cats to watch this, it is all about cats and their antics along with their master. If you own a cat this show is for you. You'll laugh and laugh. Its a basic story about a woman who likes to drink and save cats. read more

Inu230's avatar
Inu230 Feb 8, 2019
Score 7.5/10

“You wobbling, smiling, round little thing.” For the love of kitties everywhere if you haven’t watched this you might wanna grab your fluffball(s) and get to it! The 2min eps make this anime an easy watch with your furball(s). However if you still aren’t interested I get why. The voices are too much and harmful to the ears. The woman, while a cat lover has one of the most... read more

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