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What would happen if you started to peel a tasty banana, only to find an adorable kitty lurking inside? Bananya (“nya” is the Japanese word for “meow”) and all of his fruity feline friends are on the loose and having any exciting escapades. Will Bananya ever achieve his lifelong dream of one day becoming a trendy, chocolate-covered banana? One thing is for certain, you'll be in for a whole bunch of fun with this purr-fect collection of Bananya adventures!

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Sorry, I know it's weird to make a serious review about this anime... but here we go XD Each episode have 3 minutes, so actually watching it may be faster than reading this review...   (but that would be more agonizing) Story: As you can guess from the title, "bananya" is a banana-cat/cat-banana/whatever you want to call that. The story would be like... the daily life of these creatures. There's not a plot, you know... No conflicts, nothing... just the narrator showing what the bananyas are doing. Animation: It's smooth, I guess... the characters are really simple, so there's not much you could do with it. There's a lot of special effects, which kind of makes me sad... There was actually some effort to do this... There are so many animes with good plot that aren't so popular because of the graphics... and then I see the bananya TT_TT Sound: good, nothing amazing... I didn't notice a problem (didn't pay much attention, and I'm not going to watch that again...) Characters: plain. Just look at them once, you'll most likely know how their personalities are. Overall: this anime can be interpreted as a joke... but then again, there was actually some effort, why would they make that effort if they didn't care at all? And... it's their job, so they most likely don't want it to be bad. All I can think of is "it's for children"... OK it's cute, happy, but it's still bad. I'm sorry, but there's a lot of good anime/movie/cartoon/... for children. The big problem in this anime is that no one can take it serious, so the only genre it could fit would be comedy... but it's not funny! It's just really annoying. 

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