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Hello hello! Welcome to my Bio. 

Remain remain, won’t you care for a game?

I have an eye for eyes:

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Recent Favorites (4+ Rating):

*(2019); A Place Further Than The Universe (2018); Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2, March Comes In Like a Lion S2 (2017); Erased, Yuri On Ice (2016); Arslan Senki S1, Aria the Avvenire (2015); Barakamon, Gekkan Shoujo Nozakikun, Mushishi Zoku (2014); Madoka Magica Movie 3: Rebellion (2013); Wolf Children, Kids on the Slope, Psycho-pass S1 (2012).


 Keeping Track of Anime OP/ED Songs




Anime With Awesome Soundtracks:

Classical - Snow White with Red Hair, Ouran High School Host Club, Vision of Escaflowne, Full Metal Alchemist, Blast of Tempest, Hyouka, Violet Evergarden, Glasslip, Simoun, InuYasha, Princess Tutu, Blood+, Vampire Knight

Jazz - Cowboy Bepop, Baccano, Kids on the Slope, ACCA 

Easy Listening - ARIA, Natsume Book of Friends

New Age - Madoka Magica, Pandora Hearts, Shiki

Oriental - Naruto, Land of the Lustrous, Yona of the Dawn, Kamisama Kiss


Favorite Composers:

Michiru Ooshima, Yuki Kajiura, Hiroyuki Sawano, Youko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi


 and here's a compilation of Piano, Waltz & Oriental OSTs:


☆ Rating System ☆

0.5 star - Offensive

1 star -  Confusing 

1.5 stars - Annoying 

2 stars - Bad Production

2.5 stars - Boring

3 stars - Entertaining:


3.5 stars -  Good:


4 stars - Impressive:


4.5 stars - Masterpiece:


5 stars - Perfection:



Popular anime that I disliked:

Kimi no Na wa, Magus’ Bride, Spice and wolf, Nana, Tatami Galaxy, Black Butler, Clannad, most of the Fate Series, Konosuba, most of the Monogatari Series, Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Wotakoi.


  Iyashikei is essential to my wellbeing. 

↓↓ My favorite character design.




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June 6th, 2018 (Joined): 371

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Ebhen Jan 13, 2019

Hi there. :) Where to start... 
Tokyo is such a huge city. I was really awestruck when I got there last year. But I had some great time there, and at all the places I visited. The time went to fast and 4 weeks was not nearly enough to even scratch the surface of all I wanted to do, see and experience. Well... there's always next time. ;) 

I agree with you about Seishun Buta Yarou. I had to look it up and was confused because I didn't recognize the name, then I got the upcoming movie and didn't understand. But then I saw that you ment "Bunnygirl" as I called it. 
Yes, it became a bit weeker at the end, like they didn't know where to take it next or didn't know how to end it in a good way. I'm a fan of "The Girl who leapt through Time" and Steins Gate so this one was right up my alley so to speak. But I had higher hopes for it. 
Run with the wind I will continue to watch to. It was a different sports anime than what usually is made and of course I like the Ekiden theme. Ekiden is really facinating and a huge and engaging sport in Japan. I like the idea behind it and what the communities are doing with it, from the local fundraising ones to the big national competitions. Have you ever tried it? 

Yuru Camp was one of my favorites last year. It was so laidback and soothing to watch and at the same time interesting enough not to drop. It's getting a second season? :D Good news indeed! I grew up doing a lot of camping and hiking when I was younger and I have always loved the freedom and beauty of nature. I would love to sample some more of Japans nature and mountains next time I go  there. 

Zombieland Saga was fun but as you say, it didn't go the direction I guessed and hoped it would, but it was okey I think. Hopefully the following season will make it less serious and more upbeat. 

I seriously will give Monster a go, you give me more encouragement. As I said before, I had my eyes on it before but went past it. Perhaps it is time now. :) I like shows that you just want to watch to the end and not let go of because it is so good! I remember binge watching Eureka Seven for the same reason. Have you seen it? I'm not too fond of mecha shows but that one was a bit different and had another appeal then just fighting with big robots. 

About Holmes in Kyoto, it was the ending song I meant that Wagakki Band did. It starts with a snowy Kiyomizudera temple. The show was cute and a bit interesting but never took of in my opinion. It was a typical slice of life where nothing special happens to get you fired up. But it was okay of course. 

This season I've just startded watching Boogiepop and I can't tell if I like it or not yet, I have to give it some more episodes, but I'm not convinced yet. I shall start some other of the ones I've marked as interesting of this season but over all I thought the seasons lineup was rather weak. But who knows, there is perhaps shows that will surprise us. 

Well, I'm of to bed now. Too late again... ;) I will sleep the whole day tomorrow. 


Ebhen Jan 10, 2019

Thanks for the wall of text! 😀 Don't excuse yourself, it was very nice an fun to get a long and interesting reply. 👍😁 

I will get back to you later, I'm at work now and I don't like writing longer stuff on my cell phone. 😊 

Ebhen Jan 10, 2019

Hahaha... Japanese... :)  Shame on me. That proves that you should never asume things. :D I was fooled by your good english. And this is more or less an american site so most people here is american. But It is more fun that you are japanese. Where do you live then if you don't mind me asking. 

I'm following some leftovers from last season and I am a bit interested in some of the new ones. Yakusoku no Neverland, Boogiepop and Dororo among others but we will see which one I will stay with. And you? Have you found something interesting this season? I have loads of shows that are just hanging in limbo that I will have to finish so I think I will have my hands full without so many new ones. 
Did you enjoy any of last seasons shows? I watched Zombieland Saga with great enthusiasm, I liked it and I hope we will se a second season soon. 

I resently discovered Wagakki Band and is really taken by the sound, their visual apperence and the combination of traditional and modern. I realized that they also have contributed to the anime-world with some songs. They play the ED for Holmes of Kyoto from last season. :D 

You mentioned Monster as one of your favorites. I have been interested in that one for a long time, but I have something against these long running shows... 50 or more episodes feels sometimes like a filler-ridden moneytrap more than serious storytelling. But of course there is exceptions. Space Brothers and Eureka Seven are two long anime shows that I liked. But you will never get me to watch Bleach or Naruto... I'm sceptic that the story holds up in that many episodes. But they must be good and interesting for someone, otherwise they wouldn't sell so good. ;) 

Ebhen Jan 10, 2019

Barakamon is very nice, I have just stalled for some month because some other things got higher priority. ;) I will get back to it very soon and finish it. I'm more than half way through. 
There is so much you want to see, old shows that you just have discovered and att the same time you want to keep up with the current season if there is anything there you just have to see. I try to watch at least two shows per season when they airs, it is quite fun to wait week after week for the next episode instead of just binge watch a whole season in two  evenings. (yes it happens to often if you find something you really like.) ;) 

The Natsume-series I have started to watch some eps but now I think that it wasn't the first season, but perhaps season 6 or something. I will sort this out better and start where I probably understand it a bit more. Hehe... I was perhaps not to focused then. 

Mushishi sits here on the shelf waiting, I just want to have enough time to really enjoy it. I've seen the two first eps and I liked it so far and want to give it my full attention. :D 

Are you a studying or working? Your english (in my mind place you in the states, is that correct?) 

Ebhen Jan 9, 2019

Oh, btw. I like your lists. I can add to the music list a show that have fantastic music and that is My-HIME. Like Sola it have aged a bit but I really like it and its story but the music is great all through. I'm sure you would like it too, it is mainly composed by Yuki Kajiura. ;)

If you haven't seen it, do give it a try. Here is Sothis review of it:

Do you have a recommendation for me? It would be fun to get some new ideas from others then my friends. :)