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Hello anime world! My name is Shawn :D

Over nearly a decade of actively watching anime, goodness its closing in fast isn't it, I've seen a fair share of growth and change in this industry, for better and for worse. But while fads come and go, one thing that doesn't change is my great appreciation for all the great things this industry provides to the many anime fans all across the world. As with any fandom, you'll run into some bad eggs, and hav some impassioned differences of opinion, but nonetheless this is a community that breeds unity, creativity, and so much joy. I might be busier than I've ever been before, and I can't keep up with things as well as I used to, but nothing can replace all the joy I've experienced and the great people I've met along the way that the world of anime has brought me. So suffice it to say, I'm still excited to see what the future holds :)

I used to have a lot of other rambling stuff on here, but it was so out of date so yeah... oh well -_-

Regarding my ratings, those I do keep pretty strong tabs on. Considering I haven't written reviews in forever, I should probably take those down at some point, my star ratings are really the only things that actually matter anymore. I use pretty much a tiered system for my ratings, each tier representing what I feel to be series of similar quality. Of course, the 4.5 and 5 star tier represent shows I really loved (the elite series) and the 4 star tier would be the best of the rest (and that's no slight). And this is an admittedly hard system, so don't shy away f/ something just cause I happen to hav it under 4 stars. And on the flip side, don't necessarily feel the need to gravitiate to something just because I hav it rated high, I've definitely added some heavy bias when it comes to certain personal favorite type shows. Perhaps I'll construct a proper list of them someday. Anywho, I'm also constantly reassessing my star ratings to maintain some measure of consistency.

I also have an established history of recording what I'm watching ( /have watched) with Lists. Note that these Lists are ranked, though my ongoing list <no longer exists>. Do keep in mind, I only include series which I've watched ( /am watching), so if it's not there, I didn't watch it, so don't complain about it :P. I kinda eliminated that whole complicated system of how I treated 2-cour series in my Lists, they appear in both seasons, and account for the totality of the series. I know technically that might not make a whole lot of sense, but realistically, people wanna know how this show compared to that show, not how the 1st half compares or something silly like that haha. And once again just like my ratings, Lists are to be considered very fluid. I'm a firm believer in judging longevity almost as much as the immediate impression upon completion. It just may take me a while to update all my Lists, not gonna lie... Anyway, point being:

I have a large catalog of Lists from over the years, check em out!!!

NEW FOR 2016 -- After careful consideration, I added 2 important new restrictions for my Lists. Historically, I had included everything I watched in a given season regardless of where it ranks. That will no longer be the case. From now on, in attempt to streamline my lists (and frankly give them a little more meaning than just a ranking sheet), for seasonal lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3 stars or above. I may institute a 3 show minimum if it becomes necessary. In addition, for my annual lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3.5 stars or above. "Best Of" is supposed to mean something, and especially for a full year's worth of anime, average is not the best. Oh and to that effect, my annual lists will no longer be "Top 10s" but "Best Ofs" which may include more or less than 10 shows.

I do welcome recommendations, but in all honesty unless it's something ongoing or in a coming season, I probably won't get the chance to watch it right away (or anytime soon lol).

Lastly, I keep an open door policy, I'm not one for forums and such but don't be shy, feel free to say hi anytime... I may not have much time these days, but its always nice meeting someone new ^_^

~ ~ Peace ~ ~

Never my fanart by the way, I have no artistic ability.

But if anyone wants to show off their art or just something they found,
I'd be more than happy to take a look :), music too for that matter ^_^

You may have noticed in the past my avas and sigs always came from ongoing series, but now I'm too lazy so I really don't change them haha

ava = Kaori & Kousei f/ Your Lie in April (Perfect Couple <3)
header = Madoka & Homura f/ Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Cause its friggin Madoka :P)

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Emily55565 Oct 4, 2019

Thank you 

Farny Sep 10, 2019

Ciao :D

Nope, I don't know her, I've never met her on this site (probably xD), but it doesn't surprise me because I'm not always present in this site, I use it mostly to keep track of anime and manga, or to answer if someone leave a comment to me ^^

Anyway, I'll be glad to talk to her if I get the chance ^^

AkwardLiz Sep 4, 2019

Math smart lol, I’d say English is more of my jam. I just doubt my answers when I’m right in my head it sucks. I can show more of what I can do on paper than verbally. 

Ew California 

I learned to appreciate it tbh so I often find Ohio to be a bit charming even after my trip. Michigan is way more charming though your friend should’ve just went for the scenery it’s great, other than the cold winters.

That’ll be fun I bet. 

Anime wise I guess that’s good, no time in my books I often prioritize other things but it’s okay I still like anime a lot. 

We just logged on here and did, I don’t have discord and tbh I’d rather just chat on here with you instead it’s easier for me to remember people I chat on separate platforms than multiple sometimes 

AkwardLiz Sep 4, 2019

Yeah, taking harder classes which aren’t as fun as Spanish so I’m doubting a lot of my answers. Taking Physics, Pre-Cal, and Anatomy/Physiology which aes my harder classes but the rest are easier since basic English and Civics/Economics are required to graduate. Only five classes because student assisting and a studyhall.

I went on five trips that were planned and other trips for my dad and sister (my sister went to the ER on Father’s Day). We first went to Christian music festival that was in Julywe usually go to called Lifestyle but we aren’t gonna go most likely next year because we want a more personal experience with the artists rather than being all in the back not even being able to see them at, that clearly. I’ve been there when it was small believe me, it’s super crowded now where you can’t even walk by yourself but the music was fun. We then went downstate to see my cousin in a small yet big city sorta ordeal, it was a fine visit I had the best flat bread pizza that trip on the way back. All the rest three trips were in August. I went to see my aunt and uncle at their up state camp by Laks Superior and it was such a great time, I would totally do it next summer for a longer period of time. A day after that trip we went to Toledo in Ohio. I don’t know if you know it but my family on my moms side has always lived there so we used to go to see them more often but we haven’t since 8th grade. Let me just say it was an expiernce since I always remembered it as a happy place but now it’s just a dangerous place with drugs and stuff since I got the whole run down with my cousin in the car about it. We mainly went to see her and my uncle since they’re my actual family there but we did see some of my aunts, cousins, and step cousins (my uncle has gotten married three times I think). The last and final long awaited trip was of course my brothers we can’t do trips without him involved lol. It was fun, I didn’t feel homesick there at all like I did in Toledo. I may go to college there to save some money and gas since going downstate can sometimes be eight hours or longer to the good colleges since we’re right by the Wisconsin border of Michigan it sucks. 

And did you mean September since the first weekend of August is done. 

I haven’t had time other than June and July to watch anime but I read manga from the library since reading a book is a lot easier to me than watching anime at the moment. But yeah that’s a lot for the trip stuff so if you want any more info on that just ask me :) 

(also help on school would be great I feel like I might fail because of my self doubt)

AkwardLiz Aug 21, 2019

I replied late again anyway so it's fine. 

Been traveling a lot of July and August so I haven't had the time but it's fine ;; starting school in five days oh boi but summer had been all right considering all the traveling was fun and such. But overall I'm all right bit better than normal. How are you though?