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Hello anime world! My name is Shawn :D

Over nearly a decade of actively watching anime, goodness its closing in fast isn't it, I've seen a fair share of growth and change in this industry, for better and for worse. But while fads come and go, one thing that doesn't change is my great appreciation for all the great things this industry provides to the many anime fans all across the world. As with any fandom, you'll run into some bad eggs, and hav some impassioned differences of opinion, but nonetheless this is a community that breeds unity, creativity, and so much joy. I might be busier than I've ever been before, and I can't keep up with things as well as I used to, but nothing can replace all the joy I've experienced and the great people I've met along the way that the world of anime has brought me. So suffice it to say, I'm still excited to see what the future holds :)

I used to have a lot of other rambling stuff on here, but it was so out of date so yeah... oh well -_-

Regarding my ratings, I do kinda try keep to tabs on those every so often. Considering I haven't written reviews in forever, I should probably take those down at some point, my star ratings are really the only things that actually matter anymore. I use pretty much a tiered system for my ratings, each tier representing what I feel to be series of similar quality. Of course, the 4.5 and 5 star tier represent shows I really loved (the elite series) and the 4 star tier would be the best of the rest (and that's no slight). And this is an admittedly hard system, so don't shy away f/ something just cause I happen to hav it under 4 stars. And on the flip side, don't necessarily feel the need to gravitiate to something just because I hav it rated high, I've definitely added some heavy bias when it comes to certain personal favorite types of shows, themes, animation styles, etc. Perhaps I'll construct a proper list of them someday. Anywho, I also like to reassess my star ratings as well to maintain some measure of consistency.

I also have an established history of recording what I'm watching ( /have watched) with Lists. Note that these Lists are ranked, though my ongoing list <no longer exists>. Do keep in mind, I only include series which I've watched ( /am watching), so if it's not there, I didn't watch it, so don't complain about it... I kinda eliminated that whole complicated system of how I treated 2-cour series in my Lists, they appear in both seasons, and account for the totality of the series, otherwise its not much of a ranking now is it... Idk how well the lists stand up after all these years, considering longevity and perferences change over time, but the point is:

I have a large catalog of Lists from over the years, check em out!!!

ADDENDUM -- Historically, I had included everything I watched in a given season regardless of where it ranks. That's no longer the case. From now on, to streamline my lists (and frankly give them a little more meaning than just a ranking sheet), for seasonal lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3 stars or above. I may institute a 3 show minimum if it becomes necessary. In addition, for my annual lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3.5 stars or above. "Best Of" is supposed to mean something, and especially for a full year's worth of anime, average is not the best. Oh and to that effect, my annual lists will no longer be "Top 10s" but "Best Ofs" which may include more or less than 10 shows.

I do welcome recommendations, but in all honesty unless it's something ongoing or in a coming season, I probably won't get the chance to watch it right away (or anytime soon lol).

Lastly, I keep an open door policy, I'm not one for forums and such but don't be shy, feel free to say hi anytime... I may not have much time these days, but its always nice meeting someone new ^_^

~ ~ Peace ~ ~

Never my fanart by the way, I have no artistic ability.

But if anyone wants to show off their art or just something they found, I'd be more than happy to take a look ^_^

You may have noticed in the past my avas and sigs always came from ongoing series, but now I'm too lazy so I really don't change them haha

ava = Kaori & Kousei f/ Your Lie in April (Perfect Couple <3)
header = Madoka & Homura f/ Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Cause its friggin Madoka :P)

Even after all these years, those shows are still pretty nostalgic for me :)

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Yakhio Aug 31, 2023

Hi hi hiiiii~

Sorry for the late reply, honestly.. I haven’t really been on my computer, doing anime updates again via phone. :’)

How you’ve been?

Holiday is ending and I’m back at Uni town.. Tho I still have no energy to even think about studying. Been lil bit ”sick” also, which may contribute to my lack of energy. Might have IBS, might not (healt nurse literally just googled it, so no official diagnose what sometimes is wrong with me, lol) But yeah, no more about that.

Multitasking is honestly the beeest ever, I’m watching like Two and a Half Man at the same time as I’m writing this. First seasons, I don’t later/last seasons when Sheen was replaced.

Red Dead Online is quite empty still, and I bet Rockstar will leave it that, since GTA online brings so much money. But events been pretty boring at GTA lately and like my other friend said, he has already everything at it, so no fun to play. He was always leader etc when doing club mission and such, so he got like 90% more money that me & other friend so we really don’t have everything yet. XD RDO ain’t too bad, I like just hunting and collecting stuff alone, and I run like a wind if I encounter other players. :’’’)

Yeah, living is becoming pretty expensive here too.. I’m not sure about student apartment rents, but I rent from private market and it’s still pretty cheap, if compared what apartment of this size would cost where I’m originally from. I still have some of student.. .. allowance? months, even I used lot of them during my previous school, so I can ”chill” this year with it and I’ll take out student loan so I can pay my rent. I don’t know about next year, if I have any more months left, but then I just have to go to work. No problems and I’m then at my third/maybe last year of bachelor’s degree/whatever this is called, so not that much of lessons, tho I have my thesis and internship then, so if I’m lucky I can find work where I perform my intership also.

I’m watching bunch of stuff from this current season, Zom:100 and Undead Murder Farce being my absolutely favorites. I tried to catch up girl who forgots her glasses and really, how many times you can forget them and/or break them??? When I watched two first episodes with some people (we dropped it as a group, I watch it alone XD) why can’t she buy like one pair for school? .. … Or multiple pairs, since she breaks them more than I change my socks. (Kinda joke, I mostly don’t wear socks when being home

Yakhio Aug 3, 2023

Yeah, busy.. Or just lazy. Nah, I usually try to answer comments whenever I’m really online here, but I’m often multitasking. :’)

Right now I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2 / Red Dead Online, mostly by myself, sometimes with my two friends. They are like two of three people with who I’m willing to speak via microphone. Usually I don’t take my console with me when leaving for holiday, but it’s summer holiday now and I wanted to play. XD

Texting is waay more different than writing comments, lol. XD I prefer texting over calling ppl, mut I hate hate writing in different apps, excluding normal text messages or whatsapp.

I watched flash animations from Newgrounds, the best ever. :D:D:D:D Stuff like Madness Combat, and I nowadays follow its creator at Youtube. (And I must say, I suck using prepositions, so try to bear with me, mainly with in/on/at etc. They’ve been always my weakness with ”a”, ”an” and ”the” as such things don’t exist in Finnish, so I usually just.. .. Don’t use them at all. XDDDDD)

Yeah and coldness and temperature changes (and sauna..) causes redness and that’s why it’s kinda common in here. I could buy products which would reduce redness or such, but.. nah. It really doesn’t bother me much. Yet.

I’m already flipping here, as our guidelines are pretty messy, purely my opinion, and I hate unclear situations so.. Oh well, my classes don’t start until September, so I still have time to figure out what the heck I should do.

I’m usually always ”occupied” in Discord, I prefer to mute sounds, but for some reason, those settings always reset and I get mild heartattacks when somebody messages me, as I don’t recognize discord’s sound effects and I don’t expect sounds from it. :’D

Yakhio Jul 31, 2023

Hi hi hiiiiiiii :>

Thank you! Happy late Friday to you too and happy Monday too. :DDD I haven’t really been on my computer, mostly watching streaming services and playing my ps4, so that’s why I’m so late to answer previous comment as well. ^^’’ I sometimes update my animelist thru my phone, but I won’t write comments with autocorrect or anything (and I really prefer proper keyboard), so activity feed may be deceiving.

Yaki has been my Internet nickname since.. … Hmmm I guess since 2007 or something, I used to have Yakimura nick which I used, it shortened to Yaki and then when started making accounts to wolrdwide services/webpages it changed to Yakhio, since at the beginning Yaki was already taken somewhere, I don’t know where. :’’)

Unfortunately I have pigment in my skin – I may have couperosa skin, which in my case, means my cheeks and nose are prone to long-lasting redness and my acquaintance, who is cosmetologist, told me it’s quite common in Finland. I mostly have just slight blush on my cheeks, but my paleness just makes it more visible. :’D Couperosa skin is different than rosacea, I tried to google it but most links directed my to rosacea and I’m just ”Noo, I just have redness, nothing more. >: ( ” Lol

It would drive me to crazy if I don’t feel my keys or wallet in my pockets. I get paranoid if I have my stuff inside my backpack or bag and have to regularly check that I still have my stuff with me. I never have been victim of robbery nor lost anything valuable, but I’m pretty paranoid about losing my stuff.. Maybe it highlights now that I live so far away from my family so if I lose my stuff, I have to deal it by myself, lol.

My apartment is pretty quiet, I just hear thuds and talking only if ppl are talking at their balcony and I have my balcony door or window open or if they talk while being in stairway. Most of my neighbors which I have seen, are either middle-aged or elderly. Not so much kids/teens (I have seen like under 10 of them during one year) or I have always missed them. XD

Studied and studied, but yeah. :D I’m interested in so freaking many things, it’s so hard to concentrate on.. Even tho I already spoke to my teacher when I started that I maybe choose archeology as my minor, but now I’m second guessing myself.. .. I didn’t get any archeology classes last year as I had always something more important/etc going on when it was time to sign in for classes. <__<  Couple of times I was nervous that will teacher let me in my major classes as I was like 21 of 20 who signed in and was lil bit late/extra student, but I got in all of them. During those times I didn’t have energy to think about my minor classes. Oh well.

Hmmm, maybe someday on Discord, but I don’t do voice chats. I kinda hate my voice and hate talking online to anyone (well, one of my friend and ex are exceptions) that I really don’t know.. And during last online classes before summer break, everytime our lecturer said that we will discuss something, I noped out there. :’’D

Yakhio Jul 24, 2023

Yeah, I think I'm palest one in my family, my lil bro doesn't really burn while being outside. But I don't tan nowadays at all, it's straight to the burn section. 

And I can keep my stuff in hoodie pockets, I hate if I have to wear shirt without any pockets. 

I don't review or really rec stuff, so it's almost miracle that you stumbled upon my profile. I really don't mind, it's always pleasant surprise that somebody comments, as I myself I'm mostly too shy to comment anything first. ^____^

Yeah, I can get along with people, but if I have to deal with teenagers all the time.. .. Just no. Luckily I got my own rent apartment and didn't have to move in shared flat with other students who could be like 10 years younger than me. And I don't have to listen any parties or such, my residential area is next to graveyard so it's quite quiet. (As quiet as city can be lol) 

I already have Bachelor's Degree from polytech/university of applied sciences and I think my degree translates as Business and administration. Lol I tried to spy from my previous school's website what it's called, but they have revamped bachelor degrees since my graduation so didn't find complete match anymore. <_<' And my diploma is at my place while I'm at my parents' place during summer holiday. xd But I studied stuff like IT and .. business economics I think, but waay more IT stuff than economics. Didn't find any jobs with my field, and after over 5 years without works from that field I said screw it and applied and got into University and now I'm studying in faculty of humanities, more closely Sami culture. So I totally switched my field. 

Haha, only hairstylists dye my hair and I always go to the same saloon, and every stylist there know my hair and how annoyingly fast my hair grows so if I wanna keep my color and half buzz cut style, I "have" to go like every other or once in every three months. Tho now while studying I don't go that often, couple times in year, as I live across country now. 

Ph, you can call me Yaki or Yakhio. :> 

Yakhio Jul 23, 2023

If there's lil bit wind, 20C is almost perfect weather as I still could use hoodies and not being too hot. I just hate being outside without any long sleeve clothes, as I burn easily, and I haven't found good sunscreen during these years. Quite annoying really. '-'  

And I really prefer cooler temps. 

Oh really? I'm usually one of the oldest in my circles, half of my internet friends has always been year or several younger than me, my same age friends are months younger and now that I'm back to school.. ... I think I'm oldest in my major/institute who started last fall. Or at least oldest who doesn't do all of classes online. :') So it's super nice to hear for once that I'm not oldest. :3  

Hahaha if I remember right, my dad started having grey hairs in his 30s, and according to my aunt (who might have been just teasing me) also mom got her first greys during 30s and I'm staring my reflection like "IS THAT GREY ONE OR IS IT JUST LIGHT COLORED HAIR????" I used to dye my hair almost every other month so I'm not really sure about my original color (which is quite basic light brown) :')