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0.5* - (because zero isn't an option) sitting through this is very unpleasant and it has many structural problems.
2*- just slightly not worthwhile
2.5* - indifferent
3* - Worth watching
4* - Would watch it again
5* - Great experience


*Felt かわいい might anime.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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AnnaSartin Dec 15, 2023

Yes, sadly a few folks missed the deadline for Secret Santa this year, so they are participating in the game with recs from not-so-secret Santas and posting their thoughts in the Secret Santa thread. I'll be yours, so if you want to join us here you go! :)

Recs from your not-so-secret Santa:

- Haven't you Heard? I'm Sakamoto
Similar to Handa-kun, but funnier. The creator sadly died earlier this year so it's a good time to showcase the goodness she left the anime community. Migi and Dali, another anime based on one of her works, is currently airing this season.

- Kino's Journey
Everyone should see Kino's Journey at least once. Well-written, interesting, and thought-provoking, and no matter how much time passed this classic in totally worth the journey to experience.

- Princess Mononoke
How have you never seen this Studio Ghibli film? This one, in my opinion, is the best one Miyazaki ever made, although admittedly I haven't seen his newest one yet.

- To Your Eternity
We experience human life as humans, but what if the being trying to do this was not? A round object dropped to the Earth by the hand of a god slowly grows sentient as it takes the form of objects, plants, animals, and people, growing as it experiences the world around it. I got hooked immediately.

- Land of the Lustrous
I was recced this one this year, and I enjoyed the watch so I'm passing it on to you! This is a world where humanity has broken apart and evolved in three different ways, with bone, flesh, and soul each becoming new beings. I enjoyed the originality of this one, I hope one day for a season 2.

Oblithian Jan 29, 2023

I was simply reading through and engaging with all the new forum posts. I generally approach each individually. But while reading, I then questioned the apparent contradiction of criticising/dictating the behaviour of others while doing a similar thing in the immediately preceding post (your post). Now you are commenting on a non-forum profile about a subject that was settled by your deleting my comment/question on said post. I have raised my points you have raised yours, I don't believe this topic merits further discussion.

ialex32 Jan 29, 2023

You don't have to comment on an unrelated status, if you want to complain about what I said, just say it to me. Anyway, here's my original response:

> There's a difference between asking for a tag to be added compared to "why isn't this done". Politeness and being nice is a thing. I've submitted many recs, some take a month to do (or longer), and every mod is doing this in their free time. Also, you don't have to post on an unrelated status. Just comment on my profile itself.

knoxyal Jan 21, 2023

Am totally pleased about the collection of eyes myself. Some days I just wake up and stare at the gifs for hours lol :)