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My rating system:

0.5* - (because zero isn't an option) sitting through this is very unpleasant and it has many structural problems.
2*- just slightly not worthwhile
2.5* - indifferent
3* - Worth watching
4* - Would watch it again
5* - Great experience


*Felt かわいい might anime.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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KawaiiSB01 Oct 11, 2022

What you mean missed chance? you can add one right now if want... or do you need a certain factor to have Gif profile now ? o-o

66Jesgre Jul 28, 2022

You're someone I can get along with.

skyprincesss688 Feb 26, 2021

hi want to be friends

AustinDR Jan 14, 2020

From what I've heard, maybe. But never watched that one myself.

MyOwnAlarum Oct 15, 2019

(For some reason the link "respond to Oblithian" led me here. I'll also post my response in the review.  And I promise, no spoilers!)

I'd say that there's no need to watch the original Legend of the Galactic Heroes, but it's probably a preference thing.  The first OVA is over 100 episodes of 80's animation with some movies sprinkled in, and the newer one is a fully seperate remake.  

It's sort of like how Ocean's Eleven was remade with George Clooney.  Some people will always prefer the Sinatra version while others can only enjoy the modern film.  They're the same story, but they're not related and it's completely a matter of which you think you will enjoy more.

I will say this though; the newer LotGH is not really finished.  There is a trilogy of films coming out this year that are meant to complete the story and immediately follow the events of the new series.  I have no idea when those will be translated for us.  So, I guess it's a choice between a modern version that isn't fully released yet or an antiquated version that takes up weeks of your life.  

Hope that helps :)