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Are you a fan of Slice of Life anime? Are you of fan of watching cute girls do cute things? If you said yes to both of these questions then look no further than Sansha Sanyou as the perfect series to entertain you!

This is a Slice of Life series based around three very different high school girls who strike up a friendship. You have Odagiri Futaba who is generally cheerful and food obsessed. Seriously. The girl enters eating challenges and wins nine times out of ten which in turn gets her banned from numerous different restaurants! Then there's Hayama Teru, who just so happens to be the class representative but her friendly facade hides a darker personality. Teru also happens to be animal obsessed. Seriously. She goes to petting zoo's and kitty cafe's! Last of the three girls is Nishikawa Youko, a former rich girl whose family has fallen on hard times. Youko is actually generally upbeat, despite her situation and penny pinches due to her current poor status. They're an unlikely trio but they fit each other wonderfully.

There are also several amusing side characters such as Sonobe, the deceptively young looking former maid of Nishikawa Youko who now owns a bakery. Sonobe is a bit cosplay obsessed, but is very devoted and doting of Youko in her own unique way. Yamaji is also a former servant of the Nishikawa household and his new every day routine is to 'check in on Youko-sama' during breaks in his day. He's a bit stalker-ish but his concern over Youko adjusting to her penniless status is somewhat endearing. The Tsuji twins are also a rather funny duo. Tsuji Hajime see's Futaba as his rival. He's determined to defeat her in an eating challenge and is constantly miffed when he fails to do so. Tsuji Sasame wants to see her brother happy, so she tries and supports him but takes a dislike to Futaba who she believes is being cruel to her brother. She also develops a bit of a girl crush on Youko. Hayama Kou is the older sister of Teru and she is a very lucky person. However, she cannot cook to save her life ... her attempts at making healthy food is, in truth, detremental to the person eating it. Nishiyama Serina see's Teru as her arch nemisis. They even go so far as to compete as to who the bigger animal lover is. And who has the cuter cat.

While the plot isn't anything to write home about, it's still very endearing and fun to watch due to the amusing cast of characters. The OST was actually very catchy and I quite liked it. And the animation was lovely!

All in all, I really enjoyed this series. While it may not be for everyone it's certainly worth watching if this type of anime appeals to your taste.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall

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