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15 Series Worth Another Chance

This is a list of 15 anime series that I struggled with in the beginning. Each of these series at one point in time either went into my stalled list or even my dropped list before I gave them another go. The series in this list...

1. Anime I Completed in 2022 (in order of completion)

This is a list of all the anime that I completed in 2022. This list does NOT include the anime that I've re-watched, but rather the series that I've watched and completed for the FIRST time. It can also be taken as a challenge...

1. Anime Movies I Plan To Watch

This is just a personal list of anime movies that I want to watch and how long they are... I originally put it on private, but if people want movies to watch and to know the length to help them decide then I figure I may as well...

1. Manhwa/Manhua/Webtoons I Enjoy

So this is a list of Manhwa /Manhua/Webtoons that I absolutely adore! Series I'm either currently addicted to reading, have finished and loved, or a series I read a lot of, loved, and am letting more pile up.

20 Anime I SHOULD Have Dropped

This is a list of anime that I wish I'd dropped because it either 1) sucked so bad I contemplated banging my head violently against a wall so that I could forget the horror of its very existence, 2) literally bored me to sleep...