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~Welcome to my Profile~

I'm an anime fan (obviously) and I watched a few as a child on Toonami (such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo, Inuyasha, etc.) Also Pokemon, Digimon, and Card Captor Sakura on other stations. I basically stopped watching anime around the time I hit high school and didn't get back into it until a friend kept nagging me into watching Ouran High School Host Club back in 2011. The rest is history as I've been addicted ever since! xD 

As to my anime ratings ... think of them like this:

5 Star = Masterpiece

4 1/2 Star = Near Perfection

4 Star = Awesome

3 1/2 Star = Good

3 Star = Okay

2 1/2 Star to 1/2 Star = Varied Suckage ... from Bad to Horrendously Atrocious

If you're here to chat then feel free to leave me a message and I'll get back to you when I see it.



Oh, and my manga list is not updated very often. I go on reading binges but rarely, if ever add it to my AP list or my MAL list so ... yeah. I've read a TON of manga. It just doesn't look like it 'cause I don't keep track. Also, I finally got around to importing my MAL list since I updated it more frequently but several failed to transfer over as AP doesn't have them listed on the site ... -_-' (though the manhwa/manhua/webtoon database on AP is MASSIVELY superior and that at least I try to keep updated)

Oh, and check out my lists if you're looking for any ideas on what to watch. I have an Obscure Anime list (relatively unknown series) that may interest you. I always love finding a good anime that few people have seen. I get a sense of accomplishment from it! (Yes, I'm aware I'm a very strange person. Weird. Odd. Slightly crazy. Yeah... xP)

Random miscellaneous facts about me for the curious... I'm the eldest of three. Both of my younger siblings are married and I'm the poor single shmuck lol (I have a brother and sister) and each have two daughters though my sister also just gave birth to my first nephew October 11, 2020. I'm a doting auntie! :D I have TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) and had brain surgery for it in 2017. Oh, and I had weight loss surgery in January of 2020. Cause I was a big girl, but I'm not anymore. It's been a year and a half and I've already lost 53.98% of my body weight (I did a six month weight loss program to be approved for surgery so I also lost weight before my surgery as well) and I've currently lost 31 pounds more than I currently weigh... so I've essentially lost a whole me plus an extra 31 pounds lol. At my highest weight my BMI was 61. My BMI at surgery was 50, and my current BMI is 28. Big difference! I'm much happier now. I've even met my goal weight and lost an extra pound passed that so far, but if possible I'd even like to lose another 10 extra pounds which would put me at a 26 BMI. That's probably more about me then you wanted to know lol.

Newest Review: Anime: Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan (01-23-2021)

Manga/Manhwa/Manhua: Why She Lives As A Villainess (06-05-2021)

Most Recently Completed Anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Movie: Kurenai Densetsu (07-21-2021)


My MAL account is duchessliz87 for the curious....


(my profile theme is Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts!)

And because I feel like adding something else... here's some J-Rock... Enjoy!



 One Ok Rock


 And some J-Pop... Just because! xD



 And... since so many people are obsessed with K-Pop... Here's my, personal, favorite groups! First is my top two favorite girl groups

Mamamoo (Yes, I'm a proud MooMoo! x'D Bias is Wheein. Main bias wrecker is Hwasa)


Dreamcatcher (Bias is Yooyeon. Don't really have a main bias wrecker because they all be wrecking me lol)

And, finally my ULT. group is the boy group ONEUS! (from the same company as Mamamoo! xD I have dual bias' in Seoho and Leedo. My main bias wrecker is Ravn.)


^My bias' Seoho and Leedo singing a cover together



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YuiYui Jun 12, 2020

Thank you for your reply on my list <3 I've added the information 

The list is still a WIP so if you see anything missing like this feel free to comment

Ponyo18 May 23, 2020

Yeah, Zenos ability and backstory is definitely what draws people to him! I'm glad we share the same opinion on Hak. I noticed your top five didn't include Ki-ja and in my opinion he is a good character but needs more development. He's such a sweetheart tho.

Ponyo18 May 23, 2020

I found Zeno a little melancholy. His backstory was really tragic! As for Hak, he is just 👌👌👌

i cant believe some people say Hak is a 'bad character' and 'all he is is Yonas mindless bodyguard.' That really triggered me tbh.

BUT my fav character will always be Jae-ha

Ponyo18 May 23, 2020

Yay! Another Yona fan! It's clear you adore Shin-ah, he's so adorable! I really hate his village for locking him underground.

Farny Nov 6, 2019

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I see. I'm sorry if I've been indelicate, I didn't mean to be rude ç_ç

If you decide to watch or read No. 6, let me know what do you think about it *_* I always suggest it to almost everyone because it's really a great work in my opinion and it deserves so much more love and attention (in particular the manga and the novels, because the anime is quite famous xD Even if not as famous as other Shounen-Ai :/)

About Psycho-Pass, I don't know if I'm enjoying it yet, because I've seen only the first two episodes... I really like the art and in general I think that the quality of the series is really high but I really loved the characters of the first season and the fact that the second and the third season are about different characters it's really disappointing xD

This version of Mugen no Juunin seems reaaally good *_* I also watched the live action not a long time ago and I LOVED it, even because one of the main characters is played by Sota Fukushi (I don't know if you know him but he's just too much, I love him ahah xD), and then I became interested in the anime and in the manga... In fact, I'm also reading it but I don't particularly like the art, the fight scenes aren't always comprehensible ^^"

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