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Have been reading manga and watching anime for over 2 decades. So many years reading amazing histories, common histories, cute histories, addictive histories, bad histories, stupid histories and those few rare unique INCREDIBLE PERFECT histories make hard for me to be amazed for most works. . .that and 'cus I'm old 😂😂

Genres I like the most:





BL/Yuri (any rainbow history . . . maybe 'cus I'm part of it)

Even those are my choice poison I will always ready to read or watch any genre if the history is good enough.

Mangas, animes, music, philosophy and tattoos are my favorite subjects and the things I'm surrounded.

Here a big parenthesis to talk about music, my deepest love. . . even though I listen many genres, and always try to find new artists one genre I love for "bad" reason is K-pop 😘😜 .....

English is my second language, so I may miss few things here and there while writing. Funny true history, reading mangas/comics/books was big part of my learning process 😅😎 'till now I prefer reading the english version ....dunno, just feel more "right" 😶

So, yes, I'm that old crazy tattooed lady who listen K-pop while reading BL mangas 😎 and my daughters love it 🤭😊😎 Cha Cha 

See you around beautiful people

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OtakuMaki Jan 12, 2022

Hi! 6 months late but I'm here 😓 are you still here?

thelqst Jun 10, 2021

Hi! I read your review about BJ Alex from last year (lol) and I really liked it, although it was pretty short you settled your point straightly forward and I totally agree with what you said. What stories, either manhwa/hua or mangas do you recommend that could be actually good of that topic? 

Also, I see you're interested in genres I like too. What are your must read from those genres? 

I hope you have a nice day~

XxZeroeZxX Apr 13, 2020

Oh yes that's a good one the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, I enjoyed it for sure, there's quite a few anime movies in the last few yrs that I've greatly enjoyed :)

Aww, ur too kind Sempai, I just do what I do ^_^

We could :O

Except that I don't hav twitter or insta lolol

Lets see, I hav... Discord, WhatsApp, fb messenger, and google hangouts ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Apr 13, 2020

U seem like a nice sempai :)

I'm sure ur daughters must lov u *hug* ^_^

Umm, I've seen No.6 and Banana Fish that's about as far as I've gone down that rabbit hole hahaha

Hav u seen those Sempai? :)

Nah I'm terribly impatient, I've never been so much into reading for leisure, but I do try to watch some new series when I hav time, which is becoming increasingly more difficult as an engineer lol

Oh and speaking of history, hav u seen that Rakugo anime? I really enjoyed that one :)

XxZeroeZxX Apr 12, 2020

That's sounds good sempai, but don't be frustrated, everything will be alright *hug* ^_^

So hav u been watching anything interesting during quarantine? :)