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Read to Level Up

Jul 4, 2020

Mistranslation here- he gets experience points by doing things and WRITING about them.  And then he writes what skills he wants and exchanges the experience points for them.  It’s not like he’s getting experience through reading, he writes things that happen to him in a diary and gets experience points.  “Dear Diary, I found a weird diary” +25xp There’s a little more to it, but I’m not trying to spoil it for future readers.  I do appreciate that, to an extent, he has to work to develop the skills on his own, though, which is better than a lot of similar stories.  Definitely stick with it for a few chapters, because it’s lame early on.  The start doesn’t lend it any favors. And there are plot holes and inconsistencies later on too, but, you know, it’s not that bad. 

As far as art goes- the cover art isn’t exactly what you’re going to get inside the story.   MC, imo, looks like a dyke but, you know.  The art is decent, if inconsistent at times.  Though, it gets annoying that the ‘speech’ bubbles and ‘thought’ bubbles are hard to tell apart. 

All the characters besides MC are pretty flat personality-wise.  The “I’ll tell my father” bully, the “girl-next-door” with the unreasonable crush, the “fat nerd friend” and etc.  Just trope embodiments, I don’t care about a single one and probably neither will anyone else. 

Tl;dr: I like it!  I think it’s fun!  But it’s not all that good, actually, like, in execution, since I can easily find as many faults as I can find positives, if not more. 

5/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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