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Am I just a nerd
Or am I a potato
I think I am both

-A Potato Haiku By Manthika




Going to put this here, because I don't know where else to put it:
Reviews!  Are!  Opinions!  Everyone is free to have their own opinions, please write your own reviews on mangas/animes, you're more than welcome to!  It's a free site, you have freedom of speech!  But.  There's literally no point in trash-talking someone in their comments or in replies because your opinion differs.  I mean, you can.  But it'll just get deleted, so you're just wasting your time.  Please grow up. 

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Bloom19 Nov 8, 2023

Hello again long time!

I just love the feminine about it. A beautiful boy in a dress because he can and it has nothing to do with he wants to be a woman NO boys wearing pink cute stuff and still being boys is something I am treasuring haha... not to get political 

Yeah wtf like don't do that I don't understand that at all maybe that's one of the worlds problems and men feel insecure about wearing feminine clothes so that must mean they are women? Like no dude be who you are instead? That's just me

But like please more BL cross dressing I try to read them all I love it!<3

Webooo Oct 7, 2023

You're welcome, I hope you enjoy reading them 😉

Bloom19 Aug 13, 2023

Your very welcome! ^_^

And thank you so much for understanding! I love that I am not the only one with that opinion! TY

It is not that it is bad purse but yes I really would have love it much more if the "male" was not a woman... It would have such an amazing BL and I hope there will be more of that genre in BL! XD

I just love men in dresses hehe

matrixen May 15, 2023

Ahh I'm glad that I could make you laugh! That was definitely what I was aiming for in my comment, have you in the first half but once you read the whole thing you get what I'm really talking about :'D And no worries, no such thing as "replying too late" imo)

machiabeeli Dec 30, 2022

Glad that it helped you avoid this haha