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Best Rosario Couples

This is a list referencing the manga as the anime not only does not come close to measuring up but doesn't compare in the slightest in the way a titan might dwarf a flea. The anime being the flea. Like the previous list of this type, couples are listed 1 and 2 in order down the list.
1 Tsukune AONO

Tsukune AONO

Moka's own mother not only foresaw his coming but essentially planned for her daughter to fall for him, though she may not have known exactly who or what he was.  This prediction may have even been leaked to the School Chariman and gave him a reason to seek out a potential link between the monster and human worlds in the human world.  When Moka's own mother not only approves of a potential partner and love interest but predicts it and sets you up for him, you have to know his meeting and falling in love with Moka is well beyond simple and normal fate.



Moka's mother not only predicts her futuer love interest and partner but sets it up so that Moka herself will know him almost instantly and only that person, Tsukune will have power over her and a connection to her heart which her limiiter filters out.  In other words, the gift of her mother certifies her mother's approval and affirms that man is the right one and the perfect partner for her.  The anime essentially centers around her and Tsukune's love so though it is also about action, magic, fantasy, monsters, and superpowers, it is most likely a love story first based in her fate as foresaw by her loving mother.

Chairman's connection to Moka's mother Bloodriver is strongly implied if nothig else then by the simple fact that he adopts her because her mother wished it.



He is a total jerk and pervert and even an "enemy to all women" as more than one female character said of Gin, but behind that ahole exterior is a soft heart which is totally in love with one woman, San.



She knew Gin before Tsukune and his would be harem of followers ever met.  She is the first and perhaps only force who can reel in his excesses and other wise distasteful personality and interests with her ultra feminine charm and power.  Surprisingly perhaps, she is one of the most powerful characters who is so good and talented at using her power that even one of her own kind fails to recognize it's use.

5 Fang Fang HUANG

Fang Fang HUANG

When he is first introduced in the manga, he is pretty much an annoying prick.  He gradually changes ever so much to become somewhat of a loyal friend to the group with an essential role to play when fate intervenes on his behalf.  Fate also ends up throwing Yukari in his path at critical moments where they support each other and seem to click as if fate is sending them a very strong and loud and clear signal that they are meant to be together as a couple.

6 Yukari SENDO

Yukari SENDO

Yukari is the first character from the Tsukune Harem-esque complex to find a potential compatible love interest other than Tsukune.  She is quite the lucky one at that.  The manga goes so far as to even mention that she and Fang work as well together as Fang's parents which was ironically spoken by Fang's archnemesis.



I can only guess this is some kind of typo and is actually Issa Shizuen or Moka's father.  Akasha was his one and only true love and it might be said that after her loss, his own heart may have suffered a heavy blow as well and one so strong that perhaps anything left of his humanity or compassion vanished as well.



Though the circumstances of her disappearance are a bit confusing, illogical, and even disturbing, her simplicity in her love, care, and kindness for others especially Moka and even Issa if no one else are quite clear.  It is never implied she played favorites either the circumstances of her family may have played a part in how she became somewhat distant from the other 3 daughters.  There is also a powerful link between her and Moka and a secret that makes that link far more than simple parental love.  It is said often through out the story that her and Issa's love and passion were so strong and powerful it made many others envious which eventually leads to some of the tragedies occuring in the story and the creation of the person that is Moka and her life path that lead her to the Yokai Academy.

9 Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Nurai is often seen hanging out with Shizuka on field trips where she and he frequently wonder off on their own.  It is never actually flat out said or made pitch perfectly clear that anything is going on, but one can not help but see between the lines that perhaps something is.  It is often implied that he is very knowledgeable, deeply connected to the leadership and powers running the monster world, and potentially as strong and powerful or more so than any of them.  What and who he is, is a deep mystery that will keep you guessing.

10 Shizuka NEKONOME


She barely registers as a monster if at all.  Sure she is supposedly some kind of cat girl but a cat and human mix does not exactly scream a "monster" to one's mind.  Of all the monsters in the story, she is the only one that never gives you the impression she is violent or even capable of harming anyone or anything else.  She gives off a vibe of a lonely woman in search of love and frequently sneaks off somewhere alone with Nurai, aka the bus driver.  This creates a strong impression that something possibly romantic is going on between them.

11 Fei-Hong HUANG

Fei-Hong HUANG

By the admission of the Manga itself, his and Ten-Ten's romance was very much like a Romeo and Juliet story.  Not only do they match so well romantically but they are so well in sync that they can compliment each other perfectly in combat.

12 Ten-Ten HUANG


She is like Moka in a sense that she is super strong.  She is the strongest in her family and has a powerful link with her son.  Like Juliet she came from the rival family of Miu and married into the Wongs.  Her love relationship with her husband Fei is frequently compared to Romeo and Juliet within the story for good reason.

13 Kurumu KURONO


Kurumu takes Mizore's first kiss during a field trip to snap her back to her wits.  It works but these two often end up together in combat thereafter or help each other against other rivals for Tsukune.  It is loosely implied they might have a secret thing going on in the background until or when either one or both can win Tsukune over.



Though it is never established that they end up together and still long for Tsukune, Mizore and Kurumu do share their first kiss with each other and end up as partners in combat frequently.  They often lean on each other for support in their anquish over Tsukune or even work together against other rivals.


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