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Anime With Best Male Characters

Characters and anime on this list stray from the mundane boring cliched anime stereotypical type offensive to men types of characters. Guys that break cliches or are more realistic than simple template stereotypes will make this...

Anime with the Best Female Characters

These are anime with at least one but usually many more than one good female important or lead characters. These maybe either protagonists or antagonists.

Best &/or Most Fun Teachers

This is a list of characters who are fun to watch and good at instilling meaningful lessons.

Best Demon Characters

These are my favorite or what I consider the best demon themed characters.

Best Fantasy Anime

For the most part, most of these have magic themes or characters but anything dealing with a fantasy setting and is the best in that theme fits here.

Best/Favorite Support Characters

These are the most endearing, memorable, and even the most and best addition to the protagonist(s)’ side characters. Excluded are major villains or major characters, though those line can get blurry, I’ll try to justify my...

Best Female Lead Or Oriented Stories

These are the kind of in depth, emotional, well developed, or cool women focused type stories easy to love. Though identified by lead character, this is also about the story they are part of because, I can’t make one with...