The Dungeon Cleaning Life of a Once Genius Hunter

Alt title: Hoegwihan Cheonjae Hunter-ui Seulgiroun Cheongsosaenghwal

Ch: 70+
2022 - ?
3.79 out of 5 from 697 votes
Rank #12,804
The Dungeon Cleaning Life of a Once Genius Hunter

World’s first SSS-ranked genius hunter, Junu Kim. He regresses ten years into the past after being ambushed by unknowns one day. With all his hunter skills now locked, he must fulfill his career as a dungeon cleaner to unlock them. But this cleaner… is extraordinary! The once renowned hunter, Junu Kim, takes over the cleaning duty with vigorous determination.

Source: Webtoon

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Despite its lackluster storytelling, cookie cutter characters and generic tropes; This manhwa turns out to be a compelling narrative about the class divide by bringing our character who is essentially at top of the world to the lowest part of the society. The story is an exanmination of those at bottom 1% from the eye of a former 1%. It have all the infantalize many difficult problems like solving corruption by just firing the corrupt . But the story is really compelling when it examines how the society values the worth of a worker only by what society percieves as exciting. This manga doesn't infantalize the argument by saying that those at the top are pencil pusher, ratther it asks us to rexamine the sometime ignored worked of those who works as lubricants in the caomplex economy but are often seen as filthy or less worthy becuase of the kind of the work they do. All this subtext is bogged down by a.) static and lifeless art; The charcters who are really an archetype of an idea rather than being a well realized person, b.) Action scenes which are lackluster but whose consequences are iused as excellent meaphor for need of skill development for social climibing c.) Character Interation which is just to forward the plot  and feels like an collision of various archetypes , but is an excellent example of how once social group is determined by onces social standing. d.) Pacing which is too fast; there is not enough breating space for conflct to develop , we rapidly go across various plot points instead of bbreati=hing with actions and theri consequences. etc In conclusion, I can't really hate this manhwa, because of it layered subtext, but everthing upon this subtext is subpar and fails to impress. making me conflicted on wether to give to give it rating of 6 for being a recommended series, or 5 for not recommening. Ultimately deciding on  5.5; though I am definitely leaning towrds the 6 rather than 5

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