2-shuume Boukensha wa Kakushi Class (Juuryokutsukai) de Saikyou wo Mezasu

Ch: 75+
2022 - ?
3.499 out of 5 from 244 votes
Rank #29,696
2-shuume Boukensha wa Kakushi Class (Juuryokutsukai) de Saikyou wo Mezasu

Monsters have invaded the world through a inter-dimensional hole, and levels and skills needed to oppose them have manifested. Not knowing that its limits would surface early on, Ikoma chooses the "thief" class and worked his way up to being an S-ranked adventurer. However, his skills don't advance as much as he thought they would, and he's ultimately brought to ruin. It's then that a ferocious dragon attacks the town he lives in! Ikoma determinedly fights against it, but is absolutely no match for it and is given a fatal wound. But miraculously, he succeeds in using his thief skill to steal a rare item from the dragon which can rewind time! Now that Ikoma has gone back ten years, he makes use of the knowledge he gained the first time around to gain the hidden Gravity Manipulator class. "This is the ultimate class. And this time, I'm gonna become the ultimate adventurer!"

Source: HykeComic

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