Spirit Fingers!

Vol: 13; Ch: 166
2015 - 2018
4.413 out of 5 from 786 votes
Rank #43
Spirit Fingers!

What do you do if you're going on 18, totally awkward and lacking in self- confidence? You could just sit in your room all day and all night and study and wonder why you never get asked out…OR, if you’re Amy Song you could join up with the Spirit Fingers – the strangest, hippest, coolest (yet most welcoming) art club ever. But as Amy is about to learn, discovering your TRUE colors is about more than just painting.

Source: Webtoon

Includes 4 extra chapters.

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Spirit Fingers.The story is about a shy somewhat unimpressive girl joining a group called the spirit fingers, where people of all ages are allowed to be in. This is her story of coming out of her shell and becoming her own person. With the help of everyone around her.The series starts weak honestly. The art isn't that impressive (massively changes for weird reasons as well). The comedy isn't that funny and somewhat repetitive. The characters motivations and they themselves aren't that enjoyable to watch either.This sort of shifts at around chapter 30ish. When we get to know more about the main cast, the characters personalities and generally the series overall becomes much more fun as more and more characters introduced. The drama surrounding certain characters is revealed in more detail.Throughout the series it just basically grows on you. I can't pinpoint the shift exactly. But suddenly the art style wasn't so bad anymore, the characters personalities weren't so annoying anymore and the comedy starting hitting more than missing. I think this is the gradual change that happens alongside the FMC. When she becomes more confident the series overall becomes more brighter.Its very enjoyable to watch her become the social butterfly from someone who couldn't even talk to other people. The series does such a great job of showing us that. I do think the side characters could use some work. The male lead especially wasn't really that likable. I mean he grew on me but much much later than everyone else.The side romances as well was done somewhat poorly. Like this series is a dating romance series and is able to show the tough part of being in a relationship. But at the same time you know it has the cliches that, my work is real important, im not good enough. But these aren't really that problematic either.I think i disapprove a bit of the message here. I like the fact that the female lead goes through this change. And i like watching her become something that she can be proud. But I don't like the motivation behind it. Yes the people you meet can change you. However this series feels like its saying that the people you meet are cool, exciting, ridiculous, overly friendly than yeah you too can be kinda social than before. As such the message gets a bit muddled. They help her too much and it takes that standing on your 2 feet away. Despite this she still grows herself so yeah.Some of the characters also just kinda disappear? Like they get removed from the series like Launch did from Dragon ball z. It's not that they are gone but more like the author forgot they existed. The series also drones on for like 30 chapters too long.Reading this series reminded me of Princess Jellyfish. Its another series where an incredibly shy girl comes out of her shell. The difference however is the fact that the writing in Spirit Fingers is just 100x smarter. And even though the pacing can be slow its not a fucking snooze fest The comedy is also slightly funnier. The romance is much much better. To me this is the series that Princess Jellyfish but falls flat on its faceI think when tying up all the loose ends as well it could have done a much better job. It felt too easy and lazy. The characters also had these issues where everyone else was to blame but themselves. The son is a dick because the mom is a bitch because the father is an asshole because the company is tough etc. This is complete bullshit. Its on thing for the characters to feel this way. Its another for the author to show us and make us want to believe this garbage.It also has a comedic timing problem.. This is a big issue in every series but doesn't mean i won't mention it. The comedic timing is bad. When making a series discussion. I don't wanna hit with the lanky ass drawing about some stupid ass joke. Its an emotional moment let the scene past.Despite the issues i mentioned, I think the good part about this series outweighs the bad. The main message of this series is also clear. Though it does kind of hammer it in a little bit.TLDR Good series. Some issues but overall gets the message across and is entertaining enough throughout. Albeit with a weak start. 7/10

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