Tsuyokiss: Cool x Sweet

Alt title: Tsuyokiss

TV (12 eps)
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Sunao Konoe has just transferred to a new school and quickly makes new friends in the flirtatious Shinichi, loud Kinu and other classmates, but what she really wants is to form a theater club. There’s just one problem: the student council has to approve any new clubs, and the group is led by Erika, an arrogant girl who refuses the request! With distractions such as her childhood friend Leo, part time jobs and Erika’s outlandish challenges standing in her way, will Sunao ever manage to form the theater club?

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Tsuyokiss Cool X Sweet is 12 episodes about Sunao Konoe, a high school student who hopes to start a drama club at her school. This anime is within the genres of ecchi, romance and SPOILER< love-triangle >SPOILER.  There are quite a few references to Romeo and Juliet, especially as the story has a similar feeling. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this anime. I generally hate ecchi/harem (and anything similar) genres and that affect these reviews. But why was this not terrible? Animation is a below par, especially considering this was made in 2006. They could have done a bit better. The ecchi is interspersed here and there and I tried my best to ignore it, but it sometimes got in my nerves. The thing tha annoyed e the most was that this anime had the trope of obsession with bigger breasts. The main character apparently has small breasts yet when during the ecchi scenes they are average , along with the reats of other girls. The only exception is the teacher who always dresses like a slut. Also some of the radishes look like penises *facepalm*. The soundtrack however... the backing during the anime itself is nothing special, call it average. But some pieces and the intro/outro tracks were so good, I had to download the soundtrack. And I only do that for very good soundtracks. Still, there is room to improve, but overall sound gets a thumbs up. Sunao means 'honest' in Japanese and as such, she occasionally get teased with this. She loves acting and everything to do with it and vows to establish a drama club at her new school after getting shot down by the student council president (Erika). Therefore she starts a rivalry against the student council, which refuses to let her have her club. While the school is new to her, it is because she and her sister have just moved into town, due to her parents on leave for work purposes, her mother being an actor too (not another anime where kids are left on their own!?!?). She hates Daikon (radish) because her childhood friend called her Daikon when she was younger and it stuck as a nickname, much to her dismay. She also loves peanut butter, especially with rice (eww). She apparently also has relatively small breasts (a load of bullshit). She is tsundere when it comes to romance, therefore adding to the joke of her name's meaning. The childhood friend is Leo Tsukushi. Leo is part of the student council and this makes him Sunao's enemy as he works under Erika. Overall a nice guy and pretty popular as a lot of his spare time is spent, chilling with his student council friends at home. However his one flaw is that he lacks empathy. That is why he felt it was OK to call Sunao a 'Daikon', as he thought it was compliment. Despite his allegiance to the student council, he really has no malicious feelings and helps out Sunao when he can. He also has a secret, which you can find out by watching the anime itself. Otome Kurogane is Sunao's senior who is head of the discipline committee. She has a rather masculine personality, however this allows her to play into the sword-wielding badass chick anime trope rather well. She is also quite feminine physically, as can be seen in some ecchi scenes. Despite her position, she is on bad terms with Erika and is therefore Sunao's ally and friend. She also seems to know a lot about what's happening. She also has a hidden background, similaerly to Leo's secret, watch the anime to find out. I want to keep spoilers to a minimum. So all we've heard of Erika Kiriya so far, is that she is the student council president and wouldn't allow Sunao to start a drama club. Funny that, since the school has a theatre, already decorated for the Romeo and Juliet play. Plothole? Anime logic? Erika is the anime trope character of a perfect student, student council president with a big ego. She is from a wealthy family, is top of the class, all the boys are attracted to her... so no wonder Sunao doesn't like her. What girl wouldn't be jealous? What tops it off however, is that Erika is pretentious and behaves in an oft malicious fashion. This gives the impression she didn't allow the drama club to be formed, simply out of spite. -And while all they guys find her hot, she is only interested in girls. Girls with big breasts to be precise (I hate this discrimination and pointing out of breasts sizes in ecchi animes). Yes, she is also the anime trope character of the girl who fondles other girls breasts. Not to mention she has (apparently) big breasts herself. Her second in command, Yoshimi Satou is the equivalent of her mistress, her lover. In the festival episode both of them pop out of a bush appearing to be doing something... inappropriate. I actually commend the writers for making this character so blunt in her sexual preferences. But... the personality traits of this character make her come across as a very mean person, which is why she is the character I hate the most in this anime. The other characters are arguably as important, but I will give one special mention: Nagomi Yashi, also of the student council. Tall girl with black hair and (ugh, apparently) big breasts, who doesn't get along well with the short student council member, Kinu Kanisawa, therefore they always seem to be arguing with each other. But that doesn't merit a special mention now does it? No, this character actually has some backstory and a good one too. She likes to cook, which is relevant and her story really touched my heart. That was the point when I realised that this isn't one of the usual bullshit ecchi anime, that this was something more. The story. Arguably the best part of this anime. I believe I even laughed at some points and that was without any alcohol. Almost every episode starts with Sunao dreaming, usually involving Leo in her dreams and also radishes are involved in making the dream negative. During the middle of each episode they have fake adverts featuring characters and things from the anime itself. This includes adverts for radishes, peanut butter, events in the animes story, fake movies featuring anime characters and much more. Yes a good deal of them are ecchi-ified (for example: adult peanut butter - extra thick, a taste children can't appreciate), however I enjoyed that section of each episode. Now onto the actual story, Sunao goes about making friends to strengthen her chances of forming a drama club. I've already mentioned the heart-wrenching side story about Nagomi and the overal plot turns into an emotional rollercoaster in the final third. Revelations occur, people react and most importantly, it is unpredictable in a reasonable way. There are a handful of clues throughout earlier episodes, but the unexpected turns really help the story. You feel for Sunao hoping that things work out for her. This also means the romance gets turbulent. The conclusion, wasn't so amazing, but better than most ecchi/harem. It's a bit too vague for my taste, but at least it went where it did. Overall a surprising breath of freash air in the cesspit of ecchi anime. I'm almost willing to forgive this anime for its ecchi aspects, due to how great the other bits are. If you like/watch ecchi anime, then this is a must-watch. If it doesn't touch your heart, then call yourself inhuman, as even someone as cynical as me felt something. If you don't like ecchi or romance give this a try, its okay but not amazing. In other words, this isn't everyone's cup of tea. Family-friendliness Rating: 4/5 Gah it kills me to give this a bad rating, but there is luckily no full nudity of breasts or anything visible (lower is better) Overall Rating: 7/10


I would have given a negative score for the story if it had let me.To be honest, it starts off well enough, as your typical Slice-of-Life <insert theme here> with elements of love-comedy. However, as some point it just loses it's way. What is laughingly referered to as the "plot" involves the MC fighting with the Student Council President and never really develops further than that.Oh, don't get me wrong - it tries to at times. You can see the painful attempts that have been made to extend the life of the anime, but they always fall up short, or the development team get side-tracked by a pretty butterfly, and those just trail off into nowhere.The animation is fine, given the period, and style. But just because you have a team of artists who can draw well, doesn't mean you should give them liscence to do whatever and to Hell with the consequences.Please.Hire. A Writer. I gave the sound a solid "average" score too. The voice acting was good, amazing even considering the piss-poor quality of the material they had to work with. Or maybe that was it? Maybe there wasn't a written script per se, so much as the voice actors all got drunk in the studio and spouted whatever came to mind and the artists drew some nice pictures for it?Most of the characters are staple cookie-cutter variety. Which is fine, really. I mean, it a topic is serious, or has a lot of story development, then the occasional cookie-cutter character works well to break the tension.But in this, the whole cast is of the cookie-cutter variety. Well, that can work sometimes too - provided the story can carry it. Which this obviously doesn't. Some anime have a slow build up. That's fine too. When there's a reason for a slow build, or an anime needs a little padding to fill the slot quota, then these things can happen. But for the most part, these animes can handle it. The fan-base accepts the drudge, coz when it gets to the actual content, it's usually worthwhile.But this pile of trash? It's all drudge. There's the occasional echo of what might be a good story-hook here and there, but these are simply just thrown in like some wanabe avant-guarde painter attempting his first canvas. These are largely ignored or forgotten by the next episode, and sometimes during the same one == The final episode was enough to want to book an apointment for a labotomy. I'm sure it would be just as much fun. Or maybe there's some martial art technique where a blow to the temple can guarentee a single instanct of 4hr memory loss.The only drawback there of course if, by not remembering exactly how dreadful this series is, one might accidently attempt to watch it a second time. Cursed loop  ><  Ack. Just give me back the last 4hrs of my life ==

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