Saving My Sweetheart

Ch: 129
2021 - 2024
4.144 out of 5 from 1,748 votes
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Saving My Sweetheart

Despite being the daughter of the Holy Empire’s most revered divine leader, Leticia is rumored to be a ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrant. The thing is… none of the rumors are true! After years of living as her vindictive mother’s scapegoat, Leticia is ultimately cursed to die if she doesn’t kill her beloved husband, King Ditrian, with her own two hands. But when the clock miraculously resets to mere days before their wedding, she gets a second chance to save not only Ditrian, but his entire kingdom. This time, will the world recognize the real Leticia before it’s too late, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Source: Tapas

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It's a promising webtoon for sure. It has some elements of a typical time travel romance historical, but from the start it establishes itself as one that has less angsty misunderstandings. Right from the first chapter, we're shown that FL already loves ML from the first life, and it's shown that ML loves her too. That hooked me in. It's a bit similiar to "Under the Oak Tree", but with a lot less dragged out miscommunication and angst. Characters: FL is determined to save ML in the second life because they loved each other in the first. That's a rare reason as most isekais have the FL's reason as that she wants to survive. I like those types of motivation too, but this is definitely a welcome change. FL has decided that she'll take things into her own hands to protect her beloved ML. She uses knowledge of her past life to navigate this life better. FL is abused by her "Saintess" mother. In this life, she'll escape the mother's grasp. Slight spoiler, but I think it's hinted that FL's the real Saintess... Summary of FL's character: she is a strong FL. I'm also hooked right from the first few chapters because we're shown ML's perspective too. We really get a look at his mindset and motivations, which sets him up as more than a 2D character. It's not often that a story showcases both FL and ML's minds, as often only the FL's is shown and the ML is written only to be the FL's love interest. The ML is a wise king who puts the wellbeing of his people first, even if he suffers. In the previous life, he was caring to the FL even though she was the daughter of the person who massacred his own family. I really like ML's gentle personality and rationality in this story. Update: he's quick to notice things and reads body language, so there are less misunderstandings and angst, let's go! P.S. Chapter 35 is my fav, so sweet. So, that's 2 positive, quite unique points about the characters that I already like about the webtoon. Plot: The story sets up the conflict between the kingdom and the empire well. The current tone of the story is a bit dark. The story's told well and keeps my interest. I will admit I've read some novel spoilers, and they set up some good expectations for the upcoming plot. The plot sounds really interesting, and will give readers satisfaction of seeing the evil mother's downfall. Art: Good art. Good lighting, proportions, expressions, and character looks. Conclusion: I'm highly excited for the next chapters of the manhwa. Honestly, I hesitated to read this at first, but after I saw the cover picture of how happy they were (I have never seen a ML smiling so radiantly and truly blissfully in these kinds of webtoons), I couldn't help but try reading it. 


Mc - Is a cringe, idiotic, crybaby regressor with a mild story and no depth to the characters with an utter slow pace.  Story: frankly having paid on tapas for all the chapters I feel like an idiot. The story has a strong premise at the start but quickly becomes mediocre. It's the usual FMC to go back in time to change history, get revenge and save her future husband and kingdom.  Yet from the get-go, she and her future husband get multiple chances to kill the evil saintess but decide not to and to drag it on, plus the pacing is very slow due to a factor of things some of which are having the same storytelling being told over, over and over again in regards to switching between past, present and future and the story being told from the perspective of the FMC, the mc the evil saintess and for anyone that missed the last 10 chapters of 3 point of views of basically the same thing lets just revise and tell the whole story again.  There is no substance to the story and it has recycled stories that are told over and over again when the audience has already had enough of said plot that isn't even about FMC or mc but about a character that had died in past.  This happens a few times towards different background characters that have died to try to fill space. Plus we get more flashbacks of her past life than actual progress from the current life.  As of chapter 28 we haven't even moved past the prologue of the story and are still stuck in the tutorial stage, they definitely know how to milk a story more than Toei Animation milking of one piece.   Art: The art is good and I love the dark facial expressions and the disgust in the character's face which really helps the seriousness of the situation except of course the FMC who ruins it all by showing a lovey-dovy facial expression which really is more disgusting then actual disgusting shit because it just ruins the whole atmosphere and seriousness of the situation.  Characters: Ideally and normally I would say the characters have been well developed, with a nice foundation of past history etc but this work takes the cake in trying too hard to build characters by recycling the same story told about a character many times over until your utterly sick of it to try and hide that there really isn't much depth or character development happening.  MC apparently can't tell what anyone's expressions mean but apparently, in her old life, she could what idiotic setting.  Unfortunately, there isn't really much development happening and it feels like the story has been stuck in the past at the initial stage of showcasing the story without actual development r world-building.  As of writing this review, I am at chapter 28 but since I paid until chapter 46 on tapas I'll keep reading and post this review when I've hit chapter 46 and if anything new ill add it below.  Chapter 30: the saga continues to recycle previous chapters into the next chapter as if we forgot what happened in the last chapter and then have FMC and MC fantasise in their mind and we don't move with the current plot at all still stuck at the same time and point from chapters ago.  35: We finally start to take out the first step after many recycled scenes it seems as if the author had invented 9 people who serve the saintess for no apparent reason other than to torment the FMC and to have us view and look at the tormenting scenes from the perspective of the abuser and from the FMC perspective which in the end are the same scenes and doesn't explain why the abuse is being done in any shape or form.  40:  Do you know the notion of 2 steps forward and 1 step back, it means no matter how much you go back you continue to move forward well in this story its 2 steps back and 1 step forward, no matter when you think you're finally moving on with the story it just drags its feet and goes right back.  Frankly, it's sooo slow that naruto, one-piece or detective Conan would seem like a Ferrari pace n comparison. so far everything we've learnt could have been put in 5-10 chapters max not stretched to 40.  45: Flashback, flashback, flashback oh more flashbacks, FMC slept for 10 days some bullshit about her power and 5 chapters are finished and season 1 is complete... for real its hilarious that it's even called a season its more like 5-10 chapters of development at max being recycled into 45 chapters. It's actually from now onwards that what's really going to be interesting since they are finally nearly arriving at the king's kingdom but it took 45 chapters to get out of a prologue and we don't even know how many more flashbacks await us.  46 latest: we start the new season with an ignorant stupid mc who makes the last 45 chapters of development be wasted. All the blushing and cute aspects also just ruin the flow of the story and how serious certain situations are.  Oh and don't forget a bunch of flashbacks to seal the deal, yeah more like half a chapter of flashbacks for season 2 because we all know we won't be going back 1 chapter to find out how the season ended right? Truthfully this story has potential but the author is ruining it by adding a mountain of flashbacks and by adding happy-go-lucky butterflies moments in times when the story needs to stay serious to not lose the tension. Overall as of now, it's a 4/10 and I wouldn't advise reading it until as someone had once said in another review, wait for 300 chapters at least.  That is how slow it is and only enjoyable by being able to quickly scroll through the flashbacks and happy-go-lucky moments. 

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