How to Win My Husband Over

Alt title: Nampyeoneul Nae Pyeoneuro Mandeuneun Bangbeop

Ch: 69+
2021 - ?
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How to Win My Husband Over

I thought I’d finally escaped my hellish life when I died in an airplane crash, but I fell into another nightmare when I awoke as Rudbeckia de Borgia, a minor villain from a historical novel destined to die at the hands of her husband, Iske van Omerta. Surviving with the dysfunctional Borgia family is hard enough, but now I have to marry the man who will kill me! Still, it’s okay, I just have to convince Iske, his family, and all his countrymen that I’m completely harmless! How hard can that be?

Source: Tapas

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I've taken a liking to this story so far. The art is pleasing to the eyes and the storyline may be a bit common due to the fact that there are a lot of stories similar to this where the villainess wants to change her fate but the way this story is built so far is interesting. The manhwa only has 35 chapters so far but the progressiveness of the story is satisfying, not too slow and not too fast. [SPOILERS WARNING] This is the first time I'd be giving a review for a manhwa so I hope you bear with me, I wanted to talk about the dedication the author put into this story on the details of being anorexic, especially when the ML's sister noticed our FL's Russell's sign (search it up). Also how the author was able to portray a glimpse of how victims of abuse process and react to something that sparks their trauma.  I like how the FL isn't careless about how she should act around the people who seem to hate her, and also how she's been keeping her guard up. I absolutely love smart FLs. She definitely deserves better. I haven't read the novel but I hope to see how well she would handle obstacles that I guess would probably be quite a lot seeing how the opposition (Freya and her brother) just recently showed their true colors in the latest chapter. I've been seeing comments on how the ML would be turning into our FL's simp in the coming chapters, so hyped to see it!! I LOVE ME A GOOD COLDHEARTED TO HEAD OVER HEELS TROPE. <333 Wanna see how he uses his position in favor of our FL. AND A SHOWDOWN BETWEEN HIM AND THE FL'S ABUSIVE BROTHER.  Will be editing this review once the manhwa is completed. I hope it doesn't get cancelled. >:(


CONTENT WARNING: Before you read this manhwa, I have to give you guys some warnings. This story focuses on depression, abuse, trauma and there is quite a bit of gore so if you don't like these topics, I highly recommend that you don't read this manhwa or at least read it but proceed with caution. OMG THIS WAS A ROLLERCOASTER. A VERY "EMOTIONAL" ROLLERCOASTER. So yes, I know I keep babbling on about this manhwa but this I actually finally read it! And on Tapas as well (been begging for this one to be licensed for months). So this one is definitely my favourite manhwa ever! It was a journey but here we are! So the plot is basically your typical reincarnation romance fantasy story except if you actually read it, there's more than just that. Our main character Rudbeckia suffers from eating disorders, abuse, trauma and depression. This actually makes me want to give her a warm hug considering the fact that she is neither a strong nor weak FL. I also think that she is really clever. Like when she thinks in her head and plans on her next motive in order to survive her husband, who's about to kill her. But the other characters in this manhwa are very well explained and the author makes sure that some relationships are healthy whilst others are not and I really liked how feelings played out an important role as well. You could really see how happy or sad or even mad the characters are feeling. Though I do have to mention that this manhwa is a pretty difficult read, I still think it's worth it even though it can sometimes be a little bit slow-paced. The art style is beautiful, of course! The artist really made Ruby shine like a total drama queen and she did a really good job with drawing the backgrounds, colors and characters of this manhwa. This is also surprising considering that I didn't like the art style at first since it was more common and not the most unique. However, I tend to have a huge liking for the art just because of how beautiful the artist interprets the story and wovens this beautiful but tragic tale of Rudbeckia. Overall, I think that this manhwa is definitely worth the read unless you are someone who is extremely sensitive with trigger warnings or you prefer tragedy in your story and tragedy alone. This means no romance. Also keep in mind that while there are funny scenes in this manhwa, it is actually a real tragedy in its own way. So thanks for reading my extremely long review and I'll make sure to update/write down notes as I read one chapter at a time. Reviewed at Chapter 20 (Status: Currently Reading) -SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT- Update: On Chapter 30. Still my favourite manhwa but this story does so well with its cliffhangers. Things are about to get angsty after this chapter so be prepared to grab a lot (and I MEAN A LOT) of tissues.


This was a slow burn for me but I'm glad that I read it. The story is typical for the genre, containing reincarnation into a villainess, abusive family, and the much favoured Duke of the North, but it doesn't stop there. The author and the artist wove such a complex story together, relying on visual cues and expressions to show the reader what the characters are feeling. They don't hold your hand throughout the story, they want you to read the subtext and understand the unspoken cues given by each of the characters and I really appreciated that. I was reading this somewhere and there was one person in the comments section that helpfully provided more context to each chapter based on the light novel. I liked that they gave the story a little more depth which could be easily missed due to the adaptation to the visual medium. Nevertheless, that doesn't cheapen the story but rather provides a better understanding of why so many people love this manhwa. Artstyle-wise, you're in for a treat. I love the style of the art, the colors are quite vivid, and the expressions suited the scene and the emotions of each of the characters. If their goal was to make you laugh, the artist knew how to contort or refrain each feature to make sure you feel what they're feeling. But nevertheless when it comes to showcasing scenes where the characters are meant to be attractive, they execute it quite well. Screenshots galore! The relationship between the FL and the ML is the ultimate slowburn. Winning over the cold ML through sincerity and understanding is almost always the key for stories like this but here, the FL's trauma sometimes gets in the way of them building a relationship. She often has times where she loses her cool or reverts to a trauma response, which the ML has no clue how to get her out of and why it happens. I loved that he tries to understand where she's coming from, rather than judging or berating her for doing so. It's pretty neat to see an ML who respects boundaries but at the same time, retains his original personality while he learns about her. Bit of a spoiler warning below but nothing of the main plot. I think it's important to talk about it as well to provide why I really enjoyed this manhwa. Our FL has an eating disorder. That actually surprised me because it's rare to see mental illnesses portrayed with the intent to educate rather than to disturb. It's not used as a plot device but as a way to let the audience know that these can happen to people outside of their control and they should not be shamed. Rather, we should understand where they're coming from and how they can be supported to be able to manage their symptoms. It was done in a respectful way and didn't detract at all from the plot; the FL, who withstood multiple years of abuse, seemed more human because of it. Should you read this manhwa? For sure! Just be mindful of all the trigger and content warnings associated with this manhwa. Although this isn't the most brutal manhwa out there, it doesn't pull back its punches when it comes to showing scenes as needed. Reviewed at Chapter 36.

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