Pure Trance

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
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Pure Trance

World War III has left Earth's surface uninhabitable, forcing humanity to relocate to underground cities. However, these subterranean metropolises cannot produce enough food for their inhabitants, so the highly addictive “Pure Trance” life sustaining pills have become the bulk of the citizens' diets. But eating Pure Trance tends to cause eating disorders such as hyperorexia - extreme overeating - and it's up to the spunky, scantily-clad nurses of Overeaters Treatment Center 102 to help their patients beat the disease. However, in addition to dealing with demanding patients, the girls must also cater to the whims of Keiko, the sadistic, drug-addicted hospital director. How will the nurses fare, stuck between an unbearable job and equally miserable prospects outside of the hospital?

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