Coin Laundry no Onna

Vol: 1; Ch: 19
2005 - 2009
2.859 out of 5 from 63 votes
Rank #15,603
Coin Laundry no Onna

Some random gag stories happening around a woman living inside the washer in the coin laundry. Why does she like to live there?

Source: MU

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Kari5 Nov 15, 2011
Score 4/10

Story: This manga is one volume, but is divided up into several one-shot stories that are sometimes related. The stories are random and there isn't really any continuity. It's not interesting to read. If one or two of these were tweaked they could be cool horror one-shots, but alas they throw in some humor and ruin that mood. Art: Nothing special. However, I'm a fan of the few horror scenes. Very... read more



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