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She is Hanabatake Yoshiko, and she's an idiot through and through. She loves bananas, and she loves her childhood friend Akkun.

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Diomedea’s 2017 high school comedy is extremely silly, very, very funny, and just really, really good. There isn’t much to it either. The entire gag is based around a teenage girl being really, really stupid – being quite self-aware of it and not caring. This is Yoshiko Hanabatake. Yoshiko is like an Illumination Entertainment’s Minion. Funny, cute and loves bananas. She is utterly adorable, naive, friendly, yet dumb as a box of rocks. Her redeeming feature is her joyous personality and an uncanny ability to turn people to her point of view. In contrast there is the boy next door Akuru Akutsu who is her age and they sit together in class. He has taken Yoshiko under his wing, gets her out of bed and to school in the morning. He is like some guardian angel that tries to curb her enthusiasm and keep her out of trouble. It is a role he plays quite begrudgingly. Unlike Yoshiko he is studious and clever. Yoshiko’s mum Yoshie has hatched a “retirement plan” that will get her useless daughter out of the family home: it involves marrying her off to poor Akuru. To do this she has to fend off any other girl who comes close to him – such as classmates Sayaka and Fuki. Yoshiko’s childlike innocence, and ability to overlook other character’s meanness towards her, propels this story along at a fair rate of knots. She can win anyone over with her idiocy. She really loves Akuru who she calls ‘A-chan’. She is like a big adorable puppy dog who just wants to play with you. Her interaction with the three gyaru classmates leads to a three-day hide-and-seek session. They don’t want her attention at first but she just blasts through their objections with her bottomless enthusiasm until they end up hanging out together. The audience is waiting for some kind of blossoming of feeling in Akuru for his idiotic neighbour. Yet, he remains quite cold, not only to Yoshiko, but also to any girl who pays attention to him. It is all very watchable and remarkably funny. Episodes are quite short at less than 15 minutes each so the whole thing flies by. All together far funnier and entertaining than words can describe.

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