Cat's Bride

Alt title: Goyangi Sinbu

Ch: 87
2018 - 2020
3.385 out of 5 from 406 votes
Rank #32,704
Cat's Bride

Kind-hearted Haji was always surrounded by friends, but now her classmates turned their backs and have begun bullying her. Making matters worse, she's fallen down to the otherworldly Cat Kingdom while saving an odd-eyed critter from certain danger. To preserve her own life in this magical domain, can Haji's puppy charm win over the heart of the Cat Prince? Or are cats and dogs truly not able to get along?

Source: TappyToon

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As much as possible, I try to finish all mangas that I read but this one bored me out of my mind because of two main things: first, the weak-ass female lead; and two, the pathetic reason as to why they fall in love. The female lead is a Mary-Sue type of character - and there's nothing wrong with that at all - but the way that she interacts and reacts to other characters bullying her is just straight-up pathetic. She lets people walk all over her and expects other people to 'save' her just by her believing in them. The power of friendship and all that bullshit. Usually, that's fine for character development but she takes it a step too far. If you will read this, I won't spoil it for you but there is no redeeming quality that makes all this abuse justifiable. I can't believe I read as far as chapter 60 expecting that something good will finally finally happen to any of the characters but all of them, I repeat, ALL OF THEM, are caricatures of themselves. None of them are good characters.  My second problem with this manga is that their relationship and basis for respect for each other comes from a falsehood. The premise why the male lead starts to like the female lead is not because of an intrinsic character trait or her actions but because of something inorganic, something she didn't even choose to have. Bro, there's a higher chance of seeing something like this build up in a hentai / smut manga and being executed way better than this manga did.  Honestly a complete waste because the premise seemed so interesting in the beginning.


just completed season 2 and imo the plot was nice. I liked the new art style too. the male leads were really good looking and the female lead was pretty. But it would be better if you don't expect much when you start reading and if you don't like dumb mc then it would be better to not read it. SPOLIER ALERT: I love strong and smart Mc's but I can also like innocent/naive ones. But let me tell ya this mc was so fucking annoying, I liked her in the beginning but then she started making dumb choices. I don't mind your naive-ness as long as you're the only one who suffer the consequences but when it affects the other characters in a negative way then it pisses me off. And the biggest problem is she knows and regrets it but still don't make the effort of changing. People say that the mc is just too kind/compassionate but no girl. There's a fine line between kindness and and being dumb and it seems like she loves crossing that line frequently. your "friend" bullied you and tried to kill you yet you still forgive her again and again and not just you but she fucking stabbed your friend who was trying to protect you and held him hostage and yet still you think of her as your friend?? I mean if that's not being dumb Idk what is. Idk how I even finished season 2 but I'm gonns drop it at that. (if she grows up a bit in season 3 please feel free to spoil me) Honestly Minjoo would've been pretty cool if she was the MC. I know she is a twisted villainess but at least she has brain... ಥ‿ಥ

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