My Gently Raised Beast

Alt titles: Gopge Kiwotdeoni, Jimseung, I Raised the Beast Well

Ch: 106
2020 - 2022
4.091 out of 5 from 2,084 votes
Rank #1,945
My Gently Raised Beast

Blondina is living a real-life Cinderella story. After growing up poor and enduring a difficult childhood, she discovers that she is a princess of the Ates empire. However, her estranged father and half-siblings give her the cold shoulder when she moves into the palace, and Blondina must keep a low profile. That all changes when she befriends Amon, a cat-like creature with mysterious intentions. For years, creatures like Amon and humans have struggled to live in harmony. Can Blondina and Amon’s friendship bring peace, or will it deepen the rift between their people?

Source: Webtoon

Includes 13 side story chapters.

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Ughhh...the story started out fine. Really, it did. But things really started to get tremendously tedious halfway through because there's no character development whatsoever in the 2 main leads! The romance is odd. The relationship between the FL and ML is like between a brother and sister almost. Except, every once in a while, Amon goes a bit haywire and starts acting like a love interest. Anyhow, the art is fine...but it's not as good as some other manhwas. It's good but lacking some OOMF y'know.  The story goes at a turtle's pace. Definitely steady...but maybe a little too steady because I'm ready to fall asleep reading it. The plot is also rather lame. [As @ctrlist said, it's a repetitive cycle of Blondina being unreasonably forgiving to her villainous step-sister, which is why...] It's not creative, enticing, or even slightly interesting. That's probably the main issue with this manhwa. If you don't have a well-constructed plot, your characters will not be able to develop properly because the story puts constraints on them.  On that note, the characters are much like the plot. Because they aren't given the opportunity to grow and overcome trials, they are also very bland. Amon is an unconvincing love interest. I don't believe the romance at all. Bridey...or Blondina...IDEK anymore, the translations always seem to change their names. But then again, that's not the author's fault. Anyhow, Blondina is equally as bland but she's even worse cause there's nothing cool about her. She's got no powers, she can't turn into an animal, she doesn't seem to have any emotions other than being content and "pleasant" which is fake and completely not like a human. People are MEANT to experience emotions! Joy, anger, disappointment, lust, fear, pride...these are all emotions everyone is SUPPOSED to experience regularly. To make a character so "pleasant" and like a saintess is bad. I don't understand authors that do this. When you strip away everything that makes a person human then they are just an empty shell. There's nothing to see. *Breathes* I'm done. This story could've gone well but it absolutely did not. I do not recommend this manhwa very much. It's a light read but the romance isn't quite there. But if you want to pass time, go ahead and check it out. [Reviewed at Chapter 67]


The title is a bit deceiving. The "beast" ML isn't raised by the FL exactly like pet and master or someone eternally grateful to their saviour. Their relationship is more like companionship (friendship-ish, of course, it grows into romance later on) and I really like that dynamic. As the other reviewer mentioned, it really is a breath of fresh air, even though it still follows the normal formulas of a historical romance. Blondina is a person who can stand up for herself and knows her boundaries well, but she doesn't stand up for herself in a way that's reckless (i.e. not bitch-slapping OP style that some webtoons portray their invincible FLs doing), but in a more tactful way. She knows when to back down and be the bigger person. I like her level-headedness. The ML, Amon, is a bit possessive. However, I enjoyed reading their conversations and watching them grow their friendship gradually over 19 chapters before getting to the romance part. They age up gradually from 11-ish to 20-ish in the span of 19 chapters, and in the chapters of about 16-19 the ageing felt a bit quick, like I didn't even realise there was an age change. But that also makes the story progress more quickly to get to the more interesting parts faster, so it's a good trade-off, I guess. The plot is interesting. Transforming magical black leopards, slight nobility drama, and a nice romance between two childhood friends sound interesting, yes? It would be really interesting if Blondina is revealed to be the descendant of god that was needed to subdue the black leopard clan, as I would like to see how the dynamics play out. The art is good. It looks up to standards like most historical fantasy romance webtoons. If I had one thing to complain about, it's that I sometimes don't like the way they draw the eyelashes and fingers.  You should give this a read if you want some nice friends to lovers historical fantasy stuff.

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