Cassmire: The Loyal Sword

Alt title: Chungjikan Geomi Doeryeo Haenneunde

Ch: 73+
2022 - ?
4.141 out of 5 from 775 votes
Rank #1,405
Cassmire: The Loyal Sword

To save her younger sister Aria from her illness, Cassmire Crisis became a mercenary, wielding a sword and shedding blood to pay for her medicine. But when Cassmire suffers a fall one day, memories of her past life as Aria’s wicked stepsister come flooding back. Rather than take up the role of villainess again, Cassmire vows to protect Aria this time. But with Aria doomed by the story to face only hardships, Cassmire must pick up her weapon once more to become her sister’s loyal sword!

Source: Tapas

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It's a really simple but refreshing story: MC loves her sister and will do anything for her, including becoming a mercenary to help fund her medicine. One day, her sister falls extremely ill and the mc is forced to return her to where she's meant to go, to their shared dukes father house. The MC expects to be kicked out after returned the heroine because you know, she's the heroine, but surprise surprise, the family loves her. What makes this so refreshing is a great deal of things actually: The MC is actually all bite behind her bark and she's been going at it since she was a child, earning the title of a mercenary king. She actually plans to keep this title as she's introduced into high society and refuses to live a girly lifestyle. There's actual healthy sister relationships portrayed in this with Aria (the heroine) and Shu (the MC), it's such a fresh breath of air compared to the toxic sister relationship in most similar manhwas. They love each other dearly, and you can tell that they wouldn't let each other go for the world. Aria even goes around making a few non-heroine like remarks to people she think may make her sister mad. And the relationship between the family and Shu is amazing because they're not all over the top obsessed with her because she's bad at accepting too much love at once from multiple people. They understand and wish for her to go at her own pace. The father's got a rocky start but he's a sweetheart.  The one detriment to this, I'd say? The romance. Scrap it. We really don't need it and if you just skipped through the segments it would literally have no impact plus you wouldn't miss anything from the plot. I say a story about a woman learning to see herself as more than a weapon is much more interesting than the romance but hey I'm not the author. The romantic parts are actually really short (and shoehorned) into the chapters so you guys can skip past them easily.  All in all? Read it. Reccomended for sure, esp if you like seeing knight ladies in REAL action and not just practicing with a sword only to never use it. Plus the mc has visible scars on her body and they don't magically disappear with healing magic or whatever they're PERMANENT and they're VISIBLE in every frame we see her in. And she has defined muscles. So yeah, that's my review. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do 


This one is difficult. I like it, but I could love it, so because of the lost potential, it has this unpleasant feeling.I will try to explain as best as possible. The MC. By far the best part of the webtoon. She is emotionally and physically strong, but not the cold, vindictive mc type. The best way I can describe it is that she is an honorable but realistic person. She didn't get caught up in female clichés, but she also wasn't turned into a "man" in anything but gender. What I mean is that the author wrote a strong, complex woman and not only took male clichés and switched the gender. The advice the MC gives isn't generic, and it's really good advice, she's not just saying some kind words and then winning everyone's affection. She is a mature character with emotional intelligence. The only part I get a little frustrated with is that she doesn't seem to have any ambitions outside of protecting her sister. The Relationship with the sister is cute. The sister's story is also interesting, and the art is good.But apart from MC what I like the most is the work behind the webtoon. The author is not asking you to believe that MC is strong just because he says she is. He shows scenes that prove it. The same goes for other traits of her personality. The dialogue and the emotion behind are also well written. And I think those things are sorely lacking in novels/manga/webtoon in general. Now for the problems that made me believe the webtoon's potential was lost.First, plot holes.Mc remembers the original story when she is practically an adult. But somehow the story has already taken a different turn. In the original story, the MC abandoned her sister when she was still a child, but in some way, which is not explained, she is different than what the story predicted. The fact that this is not explained is frustrating because it starts full of errors. If the story changed without her remembering her past life, then why introduce this plot? It's not like it's going to make a difference now. Is it just a boring excuse to fit the webtoon/novel into trends? Maybe they'll explain later, but so far the MC hasn't even questioned it, as if she didn't even realize that the story has changed a lot. So I believe this is really a lazy excuse for MC to know her sister's future at the beginning of the novel, the problem is that it doesn't explain any of the character's actions/past and why everything is different.The second plot hole that bothers me is intertwined with the first. She apparently saved a lot of people when she was a kid. But now, these people are appearing as adults, and we don't know anything about the past. This brings back the problem above. Why the supposed villain of the novel, with nothing to change the course of the novel, suddenly became someone who saves everyone? There's no explanation.Other than that, the MLs are falling in love really fast (even when she's disguised as a BL?) The family accepts her with some silly excuses, and that makes the scenes seem shallow. This is usually the type of novel I avoid. But because the dialogues are good, and there is still emotion even when some parts are neglected, I keep trying. I think my review is like "try it, but don't get your hopes up too much, then you'll be able to enjoy it a little"

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