The Red Knight Seeks No Reward

Alt title: Jeoggisaneun Nunmeon Doneul Jochji Anhneunda

Ch: 103+
2021 - ?
4.022 out of 5 from 1,088 votes
Rank #3,202
The Red Knight Seeks No Reward

After dying at the hands of her backstabbing superior, money-grubbing Judith learned the hard way that bounty is never worth bloodshed. When she somehow finds herself alive and well, six years prior to her death, she decides to use her second chance at life to abandon her greed and become a genuine knight. She begins by accepting Captain Kaillou Lewalmeigh’s offer to join the honorable Order of Red Knights. Will Judith be able to redeem herself by overcoming the wrongdoings of her past?

Source: Tapas

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