Can You Just Die, My Darling?

Alt title: Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei Desu ga, Toriaezu Shi ne

Vol: 10+; Ch: 40+
2015 - ?
3.828 out of 5 from 75 votes
Rank #5,370
Can You Just Die, My Darling?

“I want to kill you”—Taku Kamishiro’s crush on Mika Hanazono had always been one sided, until one fateful day, his feelings turn into murderous impulse instead… You won’t be able to predict what each new page will bring!

Source: Kodansha

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Kentsuki18 Jan 3, 2018
Score 9.9/10

It's one of the best ever mysetry, triller, murder, psychic manga. The characters are peculiar. But contains gore. The story is like a roller coaster ride where people have a serious intention to kill their loved ones due to infection. A pure blood lust for loved one. read more


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