Angel's Tears

Ch: 20
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Angel's Tears

The more brilliant the light, the darker the shadow behind; the more the devil smile, the more sad the angel's tears...

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I don't. I don't even know how to start this review.  Okay, so. If you're looking for porn and you don't care about story, decent artstyle, yadda-yadda, Angel's Tears might be your cup of tea! However, even if I am the type of person that could be attracted into reading something just for the porn, I don't know what this thing was supposed to be. I was baiting into reading this by the synopsis, mind you. It could be a serious story about a woman that was forced to prostitution because of her debts, representing the angel, while her boss represented the devil. However, I cannot stress enough over how much that potential was thrown into the dumpster by whoever wrote this plot. Now, to the analysis: STORY — 2.5/10 Confusing, meaningless, generally thrown around and overall just bad. Calling the story that should drag the reader through 20 chapters of porn a story is being too generous. What we have could have potential to be something bigger, but it just doesn't. The main character is there to be used and abused (aside the ending, which again, was completely thrown around and rushed), and when she's supposed to get out of that abuse, we are already too deep into the chapter limits and surprise the ending is rushed af.  I am not physically capable of giving this more than 2.5.  ART - 3/10 The art in this was also a major turn-off to me. Every female that's supposed to be hot n attractive has giant (I mean, giant) proportions: enourmous breasts, hips n ass. Don't get me wrong, I do not care if x female character has such proportions, but in this artstyle, it is just too much. Exaggerated. The whole experience felt like reading some untagged reverse-bara shit.  I know this might be some news, but get this: females with normal body shapes can be attractive in porn. While this artist couldn't get anywhere better than repeating the same gigantic proportions everywhere.   CHARACTERS - 2.5/10 Stereotypes, underdeveloped as fuck, barely have any type of background whatsoever. I'm not sure why I'm being kind enough to still give it 2.5 out of 10 when this deserves even less. Overall: do not read this if you like consistency in story, art or even porn. Do not waste your time with this when there are waaay better titles out there with similar premises. 

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