Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
2.908 out of 5 from 3,657 votes
Rank #16,295
Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

The Armed Virus plagues a small percent of the female population, turning girls into living weapons that are activated with a special...touch. Afraid of the power they hold, these girls are sent to islands where they either survive or die trying. Mamori Tokonome is sent to Mermaid Island and thrust into a world where she is paired up with the mysterious and buxom beauty, Mirei Shikishima. Pressed against a corner, a passionate kiss releases Mamori's power and she becomes a mighty sword that, in Mirei's strong grip, is a fearsome weapon. Together they'll face the Wärter, a group that believes in ruling with a firm hand, who seek the most powerful weapons. Wanting nothing to do with this organization, Mamori and Mirei must find their own way home before the Wärter can claim them for good. The harder they fight, the closer they grow-can Mamori handle when the battle and feelings heat up.

Source: Funimation

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So...definitley not one to watch with the whole family. But let's face it, most of us don't watch anime with the whole family anyway because your mother would weep and your father would never look you in the eye again. You would crush their hopes and dreams. Moving on - Yes. There are some rather graphic scenes in the first few episodes. Yes. These are extremely sexualised. Yes. They do tone it down considerably as the series goes on. If you're put off by lesbian hentai (even if it's integral to the plot) then this one is not for you. However, if you can deal with the graphic nature of the first three episdoes then you will emerge the other other side into a whole less awkward viewing experience. After around ep 3 the story become more about the plot and the character development than it does about the lebian sex scenes. In fact by the end of the series the only thing needed to achieve 'drive' is a no tongues kiss.  That being said the plot such as it is, seems reletively weak. Which is a shame because this could have been way more interesting than it was. Still it's a good concept and it is quite well executed. There are some points where I would have liked greater explanantions, however, for what the anime is, it doesn't do too badly. The animation was very nice, extremely clean the whole way through. The soundtrack, well, there isn't much of one but the OP and ED were adorable. Voice acting was pretty spot on too.  Some of the characters were better thought out than others, which was a disappointment. The two main characters were a bit of a let down. The support cast seemed to have more distinct personalities than than Mamori and Mirei. There are quite a lot of tropes in evidence here. Overall, this is good to kill time, but it isn't an amazing watch by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you take it for what it is (and it's quite honest about not being anything more than that) then you should be able to sit through it for the experience.  Just...remember to lock the door if you house share or live with family...

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