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Discussion in 'Upcoming Anime' started by Zed, Mar 6, 2021.

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    Posted by Zed on Mar 6, 2021
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    January 10 Debut
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    Posted by Thrawn on Nov 19, 2021
    The designs remind me of a bunch of things I can't really name but still, might not be shit, take that as you will.
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    Posted by averyon on Dec 5, 2021
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    Posted by Rascal on Jan 10, 2022

    Yep, this is definitely the perfect anime for the only anime I'm watching this season (besides shitty MAPPA AoT).

    The world they're setting up is really interesting, though I admit this episode spent quite a lot of time on exposition between characters, it wasn't narration and it was split up pretty evenly. I thought the most well-used bit was the hammy villainous governor with his wacky rabbit guards talking to Milo about how he should work as a doctor for the government and he doesn't give a shit about the town, ect.

    The two outside the gate talking to Bisco about some of the more broad strokes of the world was a little heavy handed, it had me thinking like "oh no, is this gonna be one of those exposition-heavy light novel adaptations and the action from the trailer was all the action there is gonna be?" But the rest of the episode proved me wrong.

    There were a lot of things they left up to genuine conversations between characters and such, and there was definitely some action this episode, with that amazing metal OST track from the first PV layered over it. I loved that.

    This guy shooting giant mushrooms everywhere blowing up buildings with them while dudes in cartoon rabbit masks shoot him? Yep. That's exactly what I was expecting out of this anime and I'm glad I got it in episode 1. And it's a good hook, that will get anyone to watch the next episode just to figure out this Bisco guy's motivations and how he ends up teaming up with Milo.

    I'm also really interested in Milo's sister, she seems like she really has her own motivations and I'm curious about how her being infected with rust will affect what she does in this show.
    Decent first episode, looking forward to the next one. I'm betting it's going to be a bit of a slower buildup.

    First episodes that just vomit every good thing the show has to offer on you to get you excited are cool and all, but a lot of times they slowly dip off in the remaining episodes like Takt-Op. This one just has a lot of potential to grow, and it's already good.
  7. randomredneck

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    Mushrooms, bows, terrorism, bunny mask, giant crabs, excitement?
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  8. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Jan 10, 2022
    AOTS potential right here. Interesting world that left me filled with curiosity, everything is visually interesting and well designed, great animations and dope ost. The writing had some heavy handed exposition but I'm hoping it was just because episode 1 had to set up so much.
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  9. Silamander

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    Were those shrooms real? Cuz I must be tripping over how good that episode was. This goes way harder than I expected it to, and I had high expectations from the trailer.
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    Okay, this show is wild. It's totally rad. I'm not quite sure why, but I wasn't expecting it to be very good? Then I saw that the first episode was getting pretty good reviews, so I decided to check it out, and I'm glad I did.

    The worldbuilding is super interesting, I don't think it's quite like anything else I've seen. An apocalyptic setting with lots of mushrooms does remind me a little bit of Nausicaa, though. All of this rusting is pretty cool, it's a good aesthetic. I'm not entirely sure where the show is going to go, but I expect that it'll become clear in time.

    Apparently there's also a giant crab? Looking forward to seeing that.

    And I do believe that Junna is performing the OP for this anime! Junna is always a positive.
  11. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Jan 11, 2022
    You reminded me of something I wanted to say. While I completely agree the rusting is a cool idea and a great aesthetic, it's actual visual effect was the only disappointing element of the presentation for me.

    They said that the rusting "almost reached her heart" with the sister of the doctor, but just like with everybody else it only looked skin related. I wish they managed to convey its severity better and not make it look like a uniform weirdly colored skin burn.
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  12. cm1000

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    Exactly what I thought when watching the first episode. I wanted to watch it because the premise sounded interesting, yet I wasn't expecting much from it. The first episode made this a show I want to see more up.

    Though the first episode seemed to simply be setting up the world and the characters. I thought it did a good job setting that stuff up so hopefully in the upcoming episodes it continues to be a good watch.

    What caught my interest the most in this first episode was the contrast between Milo and his sister and how they see the rust. Milo sees the illegal mushrooms as something that can be used as medicine to possibly cure the rust, while his sister sees the mushrooms as like the enemy. It seems like Milo's sister is not going to like that he is now working with Bisco, so I wonder if that is going to cause any conflict between them.

    Either way I'll be interested in seeing how this anime will unfold in the upcoming episodes!
  13. rhunter3398

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    How do you visually convey a cardiovascular illness? You can't see when skin cancer becomes metastatic. You can't see bronchitis or pancreatitis. This seems like such a bizarre request. That's literally what doctors do. If you could tell the severity of an illness with a simple glance, then the whole field of diagnostics would be non-existent.
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  14. TheNuisance1

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    It reminds me a touch of Borderlands x Mad Max, it’s very colourful too which I’m sold on! Hope this continues to be one of the decent shows of 2022!
  15. Nekus

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    Posted by Nekus on Jan 15, 2022
    I never claimed my request to be realistic. I even think it's kind of weird to assume so given all the supernatural shit that was going on even in episode one. I just said that the way they portrayed the diseases didn't make it seem as serious.
    A good example for a fantasy illness being portrayed that comes to mind is Guilty Crown:
    Not saying they should have done the same thing, just that you could tell the severity of the condition at a glance, and while sure, that's not realistic in real life, it makes for better storytelling imo.
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  16. OneCraftyLady

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    Episode 1:

    Yeah this is going to be either something truly amazing or just amazingly bad. I'm down for either one, lets gooooo.

    I have NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING but I don't hate it.

    The music was fire the entire time. Mushrooms....cause people to rust? Idek, I'm eager to watch more though. This seems like a very interesting world.

    I like most of the characters we've met so far. I like how Panda-kun is trying everything he can to made medicine for those who need it and it seems like he and his sister aren't going to see eye on eye on a lot of mushroom stuff. I hope we get more insight into wtf the mushrooms are all about.

    I'm ready for more.
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  17. Jeanmat

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    Shut up nerds. Music goes hard af. Just enjoy the ride.
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  18. Rascal

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    Thank God @Nekus was right and the exposition was an episode one deal only, because this episode was packed with crabs and death metal the likes of which I have never seen.

    I love the op even though it isn't death metal and i love how the dynamic between bisco and milo is turning out to be, very similar to will and menel from the faraway paladin last season, one of them is even an archer. Seems like they're going to make the best of teams.

    I hope that old man doesn't die too soon though or that would make this a very meaningless jujutsu kaisen ep 1 kind of main character who doesn't know wtf he's fighting for but pretends he does, and I hope this doesn't go down that road because it could distract from what is otherwise a very likable main character pair and all this bizarre action.

    Let's just rack up the points here with the second episode.

    Flying whales in the op +90
    Crabs punching hippos with mounted machine guns in the face +100
    Bisco throwing a giant hippo +50
    A snail attack jet +70
    Bisco shooting right through the snail attack jet +100
    Milo's sister, and everything about her (I wish they used the akira slide angle on her enterence but that's just because I'm a nerd) +40
    The bunny mafia basically being a screenshots out of context generation machine +20

    And then there were the smaller details, like this glowy mushroom in an arrow in it above where Milo was treating Bisco and his sensei. They didn't need to show him shooting it up there for us to know he can make whatever kind of mushroom he wants and control its size, even useful little glowy ones. That was a nice touch.

    The only thing I would complain about is the nonlinear series of events. If that keeps up the rest of the series the most this show will get to is a 8/10 no matter how good the rest of it is. There is no reason for it, the story is interesting on its own without jumping around like a crab on shrooms to make it more engaging, it just takes me out of it. But if it was just episode 1 and 2, then that's fine.
  19. Balthasaurus

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    Damn, this show just continues to be, like, the most rad thing ever.
    I absolutely love the worldbuilding in this one. Like, they don't even need to explain most of it. This world is full of the wildest shit, and I am all for it. Even down to the tiniest details too! I was about to note how impressed I was by the bioluminescent mushroom that could be seen in the background of that one scene, but I see that @Rascal already beat me to it.

    There were some great action sequences in this one, too. The animation isn't exactly stellar, you can see with some movements, but it's doing a fine enough job and I'm not really bother. That being said, there was some cool stuff, I really liked that phrase where the camera zoomed in on Bisco as he loosed an arrow at the snail-plane.

    And I think I can work out what's going on. The non-linear storytelling is kinda making us do a little but of work to piece things together, but I think it works, the pacing is alright. Bisco and the old man are travelling across the land trying to find a mushroom that can cure this rust disease. And it looks like Milo's about to get roped into their travels. I wonder how Pawoo is going to feel about that.
    Eagerly awaiting the next episode.

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