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    Posted by Cetonis on Jan 8, 2008
    Discuss specific anime here. If the anime is currently airing, the discussion thread might be located in the Currently Airing Anime or Upcoming Anime. You may discuss individual episodes and first impressions here or in Currently Airing Anime, but reviews and final impressions should be posted on the anime page.

    Thread Creation
    Want to discuss an anime that doesn't have a thread? First, check the forum search; the thread title might be a synonym of the anime. Also, check Currently Airing Anime or Upcoming Anime to ensure that the thread does not already exist there. If not, you can contact a mod to create a thread for the anime you want here.

    Episode Acquiring or Downloads
    Discussing where to download the anime or where you can watch it online is not allowed.

    Discussion Format
    You must mark the content of each post with a spoiler tag, and episode label; this is because different people watch different releases, and might not be at the same point that you are. Not marking spoilers will result in a ban.

    Please use the following format:

    Episode 5:
    Stuff here

    Spoilers for manga/light novels/anything should be left to their own sections (manga) unless absolutely necessary. If added, they must be labeled with the medium being discussed (for example, "manga spoiler") before the spoiler tag. Users who abuse this rule (posting ample manga spoilers in the anime section, or not posting labels at all) will be banned.

    Everyone has their own opinions; respect them, and they'll respect you. Debating and constructive criticism is fine, flaming is not.
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