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invader257 Aug 22, 2021

shut up fujoshi  by  hirotaka

MitsukiBIGWAVE Jul 22, 2021

im sorry but i cant hold back on this. What the fuck? I don't get why people like her so much? Her personality is decent and I don't give a shit about interests but the thing im most annoyed about is her fucking design. Hot damn does it piss me off so much. He eyes are very big and i despise her pink hair. Her face doesn't look cute aswell and she does piss me off sometimes. It just doesn't fit well together. Maybe of they could properly draw eyes then maybe she would be bareable?

shovelkun2 Mar 31, 2021

why do i lowkey think she's secretly into women (maybe it's the fascination with Hanako's boobs????)

AmenoHabakiri Feb 27, 2021

Hates otaku but is a otaku herself. Fucking hypocrite.

osaka Jan 23, 2021

i love her sm- she is so cute and funny :<